A Question of Morality

A Question of Morality

By Bonnie M. Parsley 9/3/19

Progressives have claimed the mantel of morality. They pride themselves on being more tolerant, more inclusive and more virtuous than conservatives. If you do not agree with their progressive ideology, you must be an evil person. Many people accept these very ideas because they want to side with the good people. We must examine history to determine if this claim is true or just a means of gaining power.

Take the southern border for example. All of the Democrats running for president are against building a wall or barrier to help stop illegal immigrants. They and their allies in Congress accuse Republicans of being cruel and heartless because they want to control who comes into our country. However, is it moral to allow some people to break the law by entering the country illegally while others wait in line?  Is it moral to let dangerous drugs flow into our country over an unsecured border and poison thousands of our young people? In 2017, over 70,000 Americans died because of illegal and prescription opioids. Yet Democrats don’t seem to have a problem with that.  

Equally as terrible as the drug deaths is the human trafficking where young girls as young as 12 are being smuggled into the country and trained to be sex slaves. The State Department estimates that as many as 10,000 children are forced into this soul-killing trade every year. This doesn’t even include how many young women are smuggled in for the same purpose. According to Tim Ballard, a former DHS Special Agent and CEO of Operation Underground Railroad, building a border wall is the most effective tool for combating the sex trade. So, what is more moral, leaving the borders unprotected or building a wall?

Take a look at the morality of collectivism vs. individualism. Democrats will tell us that what is good for the group outweighs the rights of the individual. This idea has a great appeal to many in our society who do not look at the unintended consequences of such an idea. If history teaches us anything, it is that once we let a majority infringe on the rights of individuals, we have mob justice, which is no justice at all.  

Our country was founded on the idea of individual rights. Our Constitution guarantees these rights for the individual. Each citizen is bound to a system of laws set forth by the elected body of the legislative branch of our government. No special privilege is given to a group no matter how moral they claim to be. These Democratic Socialists should ask themselves if it is moral to deny an individual the right to a presumption of innocence as they tried to do to Justice Kavanaugh. We are either a society of individuals who respect the law or we will descend into chaos with groups fighting each other for dominance

What about our Constitutionally guaranteed freedom of speech? Now the Left wants to outlaw hate speech. But who is to decide what constitutes hate speech and what does not? This gets into dangerous territory. Facebook and Twitter have a very different idea of what hate speech is than PragerU for instance. Is it moral for a mob to shut down a speaker on a college campus because they don’t like what he is saying? Freedom of speech was included in the Bill of Rights in order to allow different viewpoints to be heard, but the Left cannot compete, so they want to shut down speech they don’t like. This is not only immoral; it will kill the spirit of freedom that has made America a beacon of hope around the world.  

It is tragic to see the suppression of free speech on our college campuses. Leftist professors quickly let their students know that their viewpoint is not wanted. The student’s grade is determined by how well they mimic the teacher’s ideology. These professors are not educating their students; they are indoctrinating them. The scariest thing is that it is not just happening in colleges and universities, it is happening in all public schools across America. 

Then there is the culture thing. “Diversity is our strength,” say Democrats. Is this true? We used to believe that unity was our strength. Immigrants came to America because they wanted to be Americans. They wanted to be free from a repressive government. We are not encouraging assimilation when we say that all cultures are equal. If the American culture is the same as every other culture, why do so many people from around the world try to come here? Also, dividing people into groups according to their skin color is not moral. Dr. Martin Luther King would be horrified if he could see what Democrats have done to his ideal that we should judge people on their character not on their skin color. 

How do we judge what is moral and what is not? We usually define it by actions that are right or wrong.  But how do we decide right from wrong? Leftists speak of your truth or my truth to judge the morality of something. But if there is no firm truth as to what is moral, we will see morality constantly change.  

This is what has been happening in America for many years. There was a time when respect for life was a fundamental truth, where laws were followed and property respected. Now we have California rejecting federal law and cities around the country declaring sanctuary for illegal aliens. Police are being vilified and crime is increasing. Are these things moral or immoral?  

We must base our morality on a solid foundation. Traditionally that has been our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution based on our Judeo-Christian principles. These documents built a foundation of freedom and morality that has sustained us for over 200 years. It has given us a roadmap of virtue to follow that will keep us on the path of doing what is right and rejecting that which is wrong. 

Bonnie Parsley is a former schoolteacher. She has been active in Republican political organizations for the past 15 years. She has written many published articles which she compiled into a book titled “Restoring American Exceptionalism.” She is also the author of a booklet contrasting political parties, their philosophies, their goals and the consequences of each for America.


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