A Review of “Triggered”

A Review of “Triggered”

By Bonnie Parsley – 1/5/20

Written with candor, frankness and humor, in “Triggered,” Donald Trump, Jr., recounts life experiences that have shaped his character and molded his thinking. Most interesting are his summers spent in Czechoslovakia with his grandparents when he was a child. He writes of many lessons learned from his maternal grandfather and tells how difficult their life was under Communism.

His stories about learning to love hunting and fishing while he was in boarding school spurred his love of the outdoors. He offers a surprising look at his youth (after college) spent working in Colorado as a bartender and forming life-long friendships with regular Americans. He spent weeks and months just traveling around the western states between jobs.

Quite interesting is when he goes into the history of the new Left in America and how it was built on a foundation of terror and dependency. From the Weather Underground in the ‘60s to Antifa today, the Left has tried to sell ideas that are anti-freedom and pro-governmental dependency. He tells about things that he and other Trump supporters endured from enraged leftists while his father ran for president. The book is actually entertaining as he shares his description of liberals born from these experiences.

I encourage every young socialist to read “Triggered.” Don Jr.’s book will help them to understand how socialism will destroy our economy and our free enterprise system. It will open their eyes to how our standard of living would be sacrificed and life would become dull, colorless and depressing. I think anyone who reads this book will get a new perspective on Donald Trump, Jr. and his family.

This is a story of the American dream and what is possible under our free market system. It will inspire and encourage young people. I highly recommend this book.

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