A Tale of Two Traitors

A Tale of Two Traitors

by Dennis Jamison – 2/11/2020

Last week Americans witnessed a number of incredible activities that will leave their respective marks upon history. Most Americans saw the events unfold in real-time, but given the extensive amount of “fake news,” disinformation, and misinformation circulating around the nation, it is important for citizens to ‘keep their wits about them.” Out of all the various actions, reactions, and pre-planned or staged political events, and the pre-packaged propaganda, two events stood out strongly. The actions of two individuals were dramatic, yet extremely symbolic.

Most Americans who were paying attention to national news, saw Senator Mitt Romney of Utah vote to convict President Trump, and most citizens saw Nancy Pelosi rip up a copy of the State of the Union speech. Both actions received respectful ovations from the Democrats. Despite no proof of the charges of “high crimes and misdemeanors,” Romney cast a vote as the only Republican to vote to impeach a member of his own political party. This was the first time in history that it happened. It was not just a highly controversial act; it was more an act of loyalty to the Never Trumpers – just ask William Kristol. This action shows Romney is loyal to the donor class who hate Trump. It was also highly symbolic in that it reveals loyalty to partisan politics rather than the overall well-being of the Republic.

Last week the United States Senate made a historic decision to honor truth and to uphold the U.S. Constitution by acquitting President Donald Trump of any spurious, politically motivated charges of criminal activity. Despite that it was a victory for “We the People” and the American Republic, Senator Mitt Romney voted out of alignment with his Party and against the POTUS. Many citizens think that he broke with the GOP, but it is only partially true. Romney only broke with the GOP of the present. He did not break with the Party Elites or the “Donor Class” as Rush Limbaugh has rightfully labeled them.

In Romney’s historic stance to accept the “evidence” from the Democrat-controlled House, he qualified his decision as an act of conscience before God. It may have represented an “act of conscience” as he asserted, and to invoke God as a justification for one’s actions is noble.  However, it reveals quite a bit about the individual and their understanding of God, or their own relationship with God. But in reality, every human being has been born with a conscience. It is that invisible realm within our minds that helps people discern right from wrong. Even criminals have a conscience, and some criminals even perceive their criminal actions as a form of right action. The question is whether the conscience is aligned with God or one’s perception of God.

Americans are witnessing a very dramatic case in point in this respect. The efforts of the many Democrat leaders and the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives in their long trail of transgressions against Donald Trump is out of alignment with truth and justice and the inherent foundations of our Republic. From the “not my president” rants all the way through to the efforts of the impeachment charade, criminal activities were engaged in, throughout the process. They should not be ignored, or dismissed as “politics as usual.”

There were also laws of the Ten Commandments that were trampled as well. First, the Democrat leadership authorized the use of the people’s money for the use of the investigations in the impeachment procedures. This is governmentally approved theft, and it is a violation of the command that “You shall not steal.” There is also a command that states, “You shall not covet your neighbor’s house; you shall not covet…” This may have been the basic motivation for the entire process of “killing the king” in the minds of those who hate Trump. And finally, perhaps most egregious of the violations, is the command: “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.” The basis is rooted in the willingness to lie about other people. This was violated repeatedly throughout the four years from the 2016 campaign to the three years Trump has been in office. This bears acknowledgment from Americans of faith.

Yet, many on the Left, as well as the Never Trumpers, actually have “faith” in the legitimacy of the coup d’état against the present Trump Administration. Such belief, whether solid or some underlying excuse for such actions, truly exists within the Elitist arm of the GOP of which Mitt Romney’s subscribes. His display of loyalty to the Elitist contingent of the GOP is not that much of a shock to people like Mitch McConnell who says he still needs Romney. One real legitimate question that needs to be asked is: With such friends, how would the GOP need any enemies?

So, would Mitt Romney be considered a rebel within his own Party? No, Donald Trump would be considered a rebel to the old-guard GOP. Romney is a rebel in the sense that he has joined with the enemy party’s fallacious attack on the POTUS. And in reality, that is comparable to what Gen. Benedict Arnold did in the midst of the War for Independence. Gen. Arnold’s loyalty to Gen. George Washington and the colonists’ rebellion dramatically reverted back to the Crown, and likely for personal and political reasons. Arnold was never captured and tried for treason. And, although Romney may go down in history as a “Benedict Arnold” because he did not stand with his “commanding officer” it is unlikely that he would be considered a criminal though he sided with the domestic enemy.

Romney’s action is symbolic of a defection to the enemy. Yet, it has not incurred the wrath of Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell, and Romney will likely not be tried for any treason. But, how can such a public stance be ignored? Should the good Mormons, and the Republican voters in Utah reward such outright defiance of the laws of the Ten Commandments, let alone of the laws of the Constitution? It would seem logical that the good people of Utah need to awaken to the light of day and initiate a “recall Mitt” effort before he does any more harm. Actually, it would seem illogical that the good Mormons of Utah, or of any state in the Union, would want Romney seemingly misrepresenting their beliefs or faith to the rest of the Christians in the nation. To ignore as much would seem to go against the conscience of many who truly believe in a God of truth and justice.

And as President Trump delivered his amazing “State of the Union” address last Tuesday, the image of Moses, the original lawgiver of the Judeo-Christian heritage, looked upon the POTUS  from the walls of the historic chamber. Symbolically, the “eyes of Heaven” were looking down upon all of the proceedings — including the antics of the minority leader of the Democrat-run House of Representatives. The second symbolic action was from the “madwoman of the Bay,” Nancy Pelosi, as she ripped up a copy of the SOTU speech. And, not only her latest actions, Pelosi has been at the center of orchestrating this overtly politically motivated “witch hunt” from the initial stages.

In retrospect, Nancy Pelosi has had a great deal on her mind within the past few years, but recent actions, such as tearing up Trump’s speech may be an overt indication that she is no longer in control of her rational mind. Her response was that he shredded the truth, so she shredded his speech. Yet, despite receiving a rousing ovation from her fellow Democrats for tearing up the SOTU speech, the effort may have backfired on her and her comrades. Despite the spin doctors attempting to put a positive spin on it for the rest of America, most citizens saw with their own eyes outright disrespect exhibited by one of the Democrat leaders. A hate crime? No, it could not be considered a hate crime as it stands alone, as a ridiculous fit of childish rage, Yet, it is symbolic of the entire premise behind never accepting Trump as POTUS.

Since the Democrat leaders collectively and consciously, we can believe with definite intent, initiated the coup d’état, knowing full well the risks, they need to bear full responsibility for the   full scope and weight of their actions. Since this is an election year like no other, the American people need to make their own conscious actions of removal from office all the traitors against the American Republic. The American people, yes “We the People,” should have had enough by now. It is now the season to bring such traitorous, treasonous, acts out into the light of day, and to demand accountability for such actions. It would not be enough to just vote them out of office, as many will escape such just fate due to the mindless minions and useful idiots, or the millions that can be spent by the donor class to purchase an “elected” position.

Treason is defined as the “offense of attempting by overt acts to overthrow the government of the state to which the offender owes allegiance or to kill or personally injure the sovereign or the sovereign’s family.” Political assassinations are just as devastating. As a sovereign entity, “We the People” have given up their rights and responsibilities to those who would use their power,   in the name of the people, to alter or abolish the American Republic. If such Elitists are not held accountable for all such destructive and illegal partisan crimes, such crimes will continue to be committed and the Republic will exist in name only — much like a communist “republic” like the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK – North Korea). Either at the ballot box or in a criminal court, it is the duty of all American citizens to demand all political Elitists account for their actions.

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