A Time for Choosing

A Time for Choosing

By Michael J. Lewinski 03/07/19

From the Justice Democrats website comes this Progressive wish list for our future lives. These include transforming our economy into a Socialist economy with a Green New Deal: a much higher minimum wage; a guaranteed job; much higher taxes to redistribute; cutting the defense and intelligence budgets; dealing with income inequality; providing free tuition to public colleges and trade schools; Medicare for all; greatly expanded Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare; and 17 other areas in which Progressives want to control our lives.

It seems that the Progressives have developed quite an extensive and comprehensive plan to transform America. When one sees the extent of this list, one can see how much they reject traditional American values of small government, liberty for all and economic freedom.

The Progressives have been at this for a long time. Many of the plans put forth have been offered and tried long before now. They have mastered the way to control public conversations. They do it through “political correctness,” which they began to hone as a political weapon in the 1970s, and “identity politics.” They do it by dividing groups in our country and turning us against each other.

As Larry Arnn, president of Hillsdale College has said, “It is time for choosing.” It is a time to choose between a big government that is becoming more oppressive and a limited government. He raises the question as to whether we want to live under a government that takes our rights as Americans away from us or live under a government that protects and guards our rights as Americans.

You are going to have to choose to support the Conservatives and Moderates who want to protect and guard our rights or choose to support the Progressives who want to deny our rights.

It is up to you to choose: a big Progressive government that wants to control your life, or a Conservative limited government that respects individual rights and choices.



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