Abandoned by the RNC do we consider a new start?

Abandoned by the RNC do we consider a new start?

by Dru Kristenev – 1/7/2021

We’re consistently told that third parties can’t survive in the two-party jungle of American politics. Those of us abandoned by the treacherous Republican Party are beginning to wonder if that’s true.

After the establishment GOP reportedly didn’t bother to send poll watchers to the Georgia tally barns, allowing the democrat fraud machine to snatch the senatorial races without a whimper, any allegiance that might have remained dissipated following the poached presidential vote. As much as the conservative voice, which speaks for more than half this nation, has suffered final betrayal by the RNC, it’s becoming clear that members have had enough.

A Trump Party by name may not be appropriate though he is the fountainhead who faithfully kept his word building courage among conservatives to make a valiant stand to save this nation from its indolent self. If that offends some, that’s too bad because it was many in our generation who got distracted and missed the signs of electoral degeneration that has been advancing over the last decades. No, not years, decades.

Others have attempted to build third party blocks in the past without much success. The last one that gained any traction may have been Teddy Roosevelt’s Bullmoose populists at the turn of the 20th Century. History doesn’t instill much optimism considering the alternative parties that manage to provide the occasional candidate.

Libertarians are too willing to tolerate pot addled thinking and don’t fit the socially conservative mindset. The Green Party operates on empty batteries as they work to ban the fossil fuels that power their useless electric cars. Both are going nowhere and most fringe parties have never gotten off the ground.

Yet with the jumpstart that President Trump has supplied the patriotic “America First” movement, the timing may finally be right to blow-off the dinosaur republicans and ancient democrat socialistas to power a new entity that bridges the generations by way of constitutional fidelity.

January 6, 2021 was an example of just how vast is the body politic that honors our founders intent to provide a nation of free expression of thought, speech, enterprise and religion. Hundreds of thousands gathered at the Ellipse in Washington D.C. to protest election fraud that was proven to them beyond any doubt. The crowds peacefully gathered and marched to the Capitol where apparent infiltrators swarmed the building, breaking windows and doors to overrun the Congress, perhaps to prevent the constitutional rectifying of a crippled electoral process.

While the smoke cleared and a young woman’s death is investigated, Congress quickly reconvened amid the mayhem and certified illegal electoral votes for Joe Biden, bypassing the constitutional process, forsaking the People and their choice.

As the nobility of the RNC fritter away party money on an island resort this may be the best time to consider dissecting and dismantling the aristocratic snobbery of the party management, leaving them to feed off themselves and float into the sunset on the yachts purchased with blood money.

If a new party is born of the ashes of a dying GOP what do we call it? Conservative, Constitution and Citizens party titles are used and already discarded. Is it a populist movement or a movement into a future of hope, health, business building, open travel and proper education of a confident populace?

Maybe it’s time for a Populace Party to enfold the free-thinking individuals that our founders envisioned this nation to house.

Whatever name is chosen, there possibly couldn’t be a better opportunity to reform the political landscape. It will be an uphill battle against election fraud that is now entrenched but if any people on this good earth are able to win such a war, it’s the American people.


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