Abortion and its Consequences

Abortion and its Consequences

By Bonnie M. Parsley 1/28/2020

I changed my mind about abortion. Many years ago, I had been in the pro‑abortion camp. I remember writing to the first President Bush about why Republicans should adopt a pro-abortion stance. I bought the idea that the freedom to choose to have a child should be a right.

I believed Liberals when they said that if we allowed abortion, every child born would be a wanted child. They said that legal abortion would lead to less out of wedlock births; that marriages would be healthier because people would not be forced to marry as a result of pregnancy; they said there would be less child abuse and more children would grow up in stable, loving homes. None of these things happened! In fact, just the opposite has happened.

By the end of the 20th century, there were more out of wedlock births than ever before in our history. Today over 70% of African American babies are born to single moms and the figures for out of wedlock births have risen in all demographics. This is tragic. Most of these children will grow up in poverty. There is more child abuse, more neglect and more threats to children than before abortion was legalized.

Women were told that it wasn’t really a baby that was being aborted. It was just a group of cells. They were led to believe that they if they weren’t ready to be a mother that they were doing the right thing. They were never told the consequences that could harm them spiritually. They were not told how an abortion could cause them to never be able to conceive in later life. Instead, they were told that women were dying from illegal abortions. Women were put on a guilt trip if they didn’t support Roe vs. Wade.

Today we know these things are not true. We are able to show the science that proves a real-life does exist. Very soon after conception, a heart begins to beat. Toes and fingers begin to appear, and the brain shows activity. We can no longer pretend that life is not present.

The abortion lobby, funded by Planned Parenthood, has become a money-making business.  They fight to keep abortion legal through all nine months of pregnancy. They profit over selling aborted baby parts. It is a disgusting, evil enterprise and diminishes our society, leading to many social ills.

Our American culture has been transformed by abortion. Look at what this judicial decision has cost our society. We have lost the value that we once put on the miracle of creation. We have lost our respect for life. Why are so many children neglected and abused if abortion works the way they told us it would?

Legalized abortion has resulted in rampant promiscuous behavior. The idea of waiting until marriage is touted as being unrealistic and prudish. Teenagers are made to feel that if they are not “doing it” there is something wrong with them. All of this premature sex has caused enormous societal problems: sexual disease is widespread among young people; depression, suicide, unplanned pregnancies and unwed births have increased.

The bedrock of society, the family, has been eroded. Children are growing up without fathers; without the moral training that used to be provided by families, churches and even schools. Young mothers, who are still children themselves, are raising children or leaving them with relatives, friends or new boyfriends who have no interest in the child. Responsibility is not being taught and irresponsible behavior leads to more unplanned pregnancy. The attitude is that abortion relieves one of responsibility and there are no after-effects of the procedure.

We need to recognize that the great liberal experiment of abortion on demand has been a huge failure. More and more Americans are understanding how our culture began to decline once unrestricted abortion became law. Traditional values gave way to whatever feels good at the time. Right and wrong have been replaced by relative values. We are now seeing how the decision to designate abortion as a constitutional right started this moral decline, and we must admit that we were wrong.

I don’t know if the lid can be put back on the Pandora’s box that we opened when the Supreme Court ruled to legalize abortion in Roe vs. Wade, but now is the time to start, state by state, until this scourge is gone. We must if we are to save the soul of America.

(Parts of this article have been excerpted from my book: Restoring American Exceptionalism.)


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