Accountability for Death and Destruction 

Accountability for Death and Destruction 

By Dennis Jamison 4/21/2020

As the people of the world confront the COVID-19 Pandemic going into the fifth month of dealing with this deadly virus, it is undeniable that America, as well as the rest of the world, is held captive to a virus that is incredibly contagious, and people are requested to, or required to, obey their respective local governments’ methods of limiting the spread of this strain of the coronavirus. Yet, because the majority of the people of the world have such a focus on the pandemic, and due to the internet a connected or interrelated focus on the pandemic, there is now common cause among all of the people of the world.

Many governments are observing how a particular nation or another is affected by the virus and is handling the scope and spread of COVID-19 in that particular nation. In some cases, government leaders are relieved they are not going through what some other “hot spot” nations are going through. And, in some cases, government leaders can learn from what other nations are doing to confront and contain COVID-19 in their own Nations. And yet, it is the individual nations that seem the primary point of care that may be the most effective way of locally dealing with the deadly disease.

In such highly unusual times, it is possible to see the entire scope of humanity, the world community, as it is adversely affected by a common enemy. Of course, there are various diverse viewpoints about the dangers and the severity of the danger compared to other types of diseases or threats to people’s well being. A sad common denominator is that the disease is highly contagious and it kills human beings – perhaps older or the more vulnerable people than others who are younger or who have stronger immune systems. However, when death strikes at any time, sensible people must distinguish whether a death is from natural causes, or the expected outcome of an acquired illness, or a death caused accidentally by negligence, or one that was the result of malice, deliberate intent.

In the event a single death of an individual is caused by carelessness or by negligence, it is cause for concern, and usual cause for a lawsuit. I am certain the multitude of those attorneys in the United States formerly known as “ambulance chasers” would agree. In addition, I would also imagine that those attorneys on the corporate legal teams who file lawsuits against the corporate giants who do collective harm to the public would also agree. So who is responsible in a global pandemic? And if there were no accident that caused such havoc, what then? if it was not an accident that caused such widespread death and destruction, where lies the accountability?

In the U.S., because it a nation of laws and not tyrants, people who cause the untimely death of another are held accountable, or people who are found to be liable for a cause of out of the ordinary or unusual financial loss of others are held accountable for such types of destructive activities. So, as the Chinese Communist government is gradually being discovered to be negligent, incompetent, outright deceptive, or possibly to blame due to intent, who could hold them accountable? Certainly, the United States, which is currently in debt to Red China, does not seem to have a great deal of leverage as an individual nation to demand reparations for the global loss of human life, or destruction of the robust economy that was surging from the beginning of the Trump Administration.

Certainly, the U.S. is now the nation that has been most affected by the COVID-19 virus with regard to the death toll and the financial damages to the notion. Yet, other nations in the world with fewer inhabitants have been devastated to a greater degree of the scale of impact as they are being overwhelmed. And none of those smaller nations would be able to stand up to the growing Leviathan that China has become. So, can anyone hold China accountable in any substantial way other than just grunting and growling? It is not a global dilemma? Is there not some reasonable way in which such global catastrophes can be properly investigated and accountability determined? Yes, there are such ways of the world that follow a semblance of law and order.Yet, it is doubtful that one such path would include the United Nations. The U.N.‘s World Health Organization blew any real possibility, as well as their credibility, in their biased response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Despite the name, “United Nations,” the U.N. is not united; it is only a name. And, to have a case come before the U.N.’s World Court is highly unlikely, if not ridiculous. Supposedly, the U.N’s International Court of Justice at The Hague is “to settle… legal disputes submitted to it by States and to give advisory opinions on legal questions referred to it by authorized United Nations organs and specialized agencies.” There are a few points to note in this simple sentence. Settling a dispute is not entirely easy, and enforcing a dispute is relatively impossible if a nation does not agree with the decision. Ideally, the World Court is supposed to decide disputes between countries, but this is entirely based upon the voluntary participation of the States involved. And, even if a member State agrees to participate in a particular dispute resolution proceeding, and the decision should be binding. There is supposed to be an obligation to comply with any decision the Court makes.

An intelligent person could question whether the Chinese Communists would willingly participate in such a decision making process in which they are suspected of being truly responsible for thousands of deaths globally and the loss of billions of dollars, if not the long term loss of trillions of dollars in nations all over the world. Additionally, if Chinese Communists do not care about the freedom and well-being of their own people, why is it likely that all of a sudden they would care about the suffering of people in the rest of the world? If the Chinese Communist government will lie and deceive its own people, will they suddenly be capable of telling the truth in an international court of law?

In fact, the Chinese Communist government has initiated a global propaganda campaign of misinformation and deliberate disinformation throughout the world. And, it is relatively easy to use the useful idiot mainstream media in the U.S. to help in such a propaganda campaign. During these months of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the media organs of the U.S. were spewing anti-American propaganda anywhere their outreach would carry the lies. IN March, after a virtual G7 meeting, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo blasted the Chinese government for spreading disinformation to the rest of the world regarding the “Wuhan coronavirus.”

In the United States, in that same month, several lawsuits originated designating the Chinese government as responsible for its anemic response to the COVID-19 virus at  the initial outbreak. A Florida attorney filed a class-action lawsuit against the Chinese government because their slow early anemic response caused “injury and incalculable harm” to people and businesses. In the lawsuit the attorney wrote that “China President Xi Jinping originally stated that he directed officials to contain the virus on Jan.7… But it has since emerged that he did not do that, and that he actually waited until Jan. 22 to do direct containment, and still did not make any efforts public until it was too late.”

It is known that Texas and Nevada also followed the assertion that China was directly liable for the pandemic and are seeking billions of dollars in damages. In mid-March, the Washington Times  brought up the issue of accountability, but other MSM outlets were complaining how calling it the Chinese coronavirus or the “Wuhan coronavirus,” as Mike Pompeo had repeatedly done, was indicative of being “racist.” Additionally, in March a few Republican lawmakers like Senators Tom Cotton and Josh Hawley demanded some serious answers and accountability from China’s communist leaders. Hawley suggested allowing individual victims of the coronavirus to sue the Chinese government. Also, Jim Banks, a Congressman from Indiana, introduced legislation to condemn China and hold the leaders responsible, and laid out how Amercacould get China to pay reparations.

Jim Banks suggests solutions could be brought through the U.N’s International Court of Justice. However, he believes that specific health regulations that were established in 2005 would apply to such a pandemic as exists at this point in time. Banks believes that the international community could get behind those health regulations and that pressure from a number of nations could provide impetus for some degree of justice in holding the Chinese Communist government accountable for the disaster of the current pandemic.

It is very likely that Banks is on to something in that it very well could be an opportunity to hold a bully nation accountable for this horrible reality ravaging the world today. How it may play out is the real question. Nevertheless, it was another global threat in the 1940s that led Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill to establish the mutual agreement in the Atlantic Charter in the midst of World War II that served as the foundation of the United Nations. They created what Churchill referred to as the “Grand Alliance” which was absolutely necessary in fighting against Nazi tyranny. Unfortunately, the original intent of Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill in creating the U.N. has been gutted by the communists and Muslim fundamentalist regimes and the nefarious globalist plans in recent decades.

In 2004, Dore Gold, a former U.N. ambassador, published Tower of Babble: How the United Nations Has Fueled Global Chaos. In his book, Gold criticized the modern United Nations as a diluted and counterproductive body that represented dictatorships more than free nations. At the time of the book’s publication, Gold pointed out that according to Freedom House, only 75 of the 184 member states “were free democracies.” Perhaps the idea of JIm Banks could spark a “remake” of the United Nations, with a much greater and more realistic vision for the future benefit of all freedom loving nations.

If the money that the United States invests in the U.N. were re-routed into a new “Grand Alliance” it could be the type of seed of opportunity for a true Free World rather than a fake Free World that would truly ensure peaceful relations across the planet. The world is indeed in a place where corrupt, tyrannical, and unscrupulous leadership is no longer appreciated. It is very likely that out of the perils of the pandemic, the groundwork for a better world could be established. At least there is some hope in some of America’s true leaders amidst the dark days we are in presently.

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