Accusing Trump of tyranny is projection of Biden policy

Accusing Trump of tyranny is projection of Biden policy

By A. Dru KristenevNovember 13, 2020

Throughout President Trump’s first campaign and first term the democrats have consistently accused him of every scheme they have perpetrated, what you’ve heard referred to as “projection”—projecting onto another exactly what you’re doing.

This is what the Russia hoax was, a projection onto Trump of what Hillary Clinton actually did and proven through continuing evidence dumps. It has occurred with the election where democrats initially accused Trump of instigating voter suppression when overwhelming proof is mounting that the electronic voting and tallying, along with the inundation of illegal mail-in ballots, demonstrate that the democrats have done what they tried to pin on the president.

Here’s the next projection that has been coming down the pike, one of which patriots should be knowledgeable and wary – that of vociferously claiming President Trump to be a tyrant working to subjugate the country. They offer no definition of how that’s happened or will happen other than lowering taxes and backing a pro-life agenda. Sounds dramatically oppressive, doesn’t it?

In the wake of a manipulated and tortured election process, democrats are preparing to install a brutal administration if they are able to steal this presidency by rigging the returns to seat Joe Biden, whom less than a third of this nation is cheering on as the next executive. How is this recognized? By the lackluster campaign led by a man hidden in a basement bunker; proof of hundreds of thousands of ineligible votes being collected and counted after the election deadline; the concurrent, illegal shutdown of vote counts in five states in order to swamp the tally centers with those ineligible ballots; and the immovable leftists holding office and judicial positions who are protecting the illegal change of election law and related activity from scrutiny and ultimate rectifying.

Over the last four years, democrats and their socialist fringe have branded President Trump an autocrat as he overturned repressive regulations that had been instituted by previous administrations—including George W. Bush who did nothing to lessen the regulatory nightmare. Putting the projection ploy to the test, it is evident what a Biden administration would look like.

Democrat ticket promoters, many who expect to participate in a Biden administration, have clarified their intent to list “Trumpsters” from all walks of life, targeting them as a danger to the nation, all the while giving their terror toadies Antifa, BLM and the like free rein to rape and pillage American economic centers. Yet this is what they have consistently accused Trump of doing despite his proven record of denouncing the violence and standing with law enforcement to end the riots.

This means that it couldn’t be any more obvious that a Biden administration would do precisely what they say Trump is doing, though he isn’t.

Is there a firewall that can be erected should the vote fraud not be properly adjudicated and the coup d’etat is successful? There is, but it’s not the preferred route to removing the deep-seated election fraud that has been institutionalized through manipulating electronic voting and the usual ballot box stuffing with dead people and illegals casting votes assisted by ballot harvesting—all of which is prosecutable by law but hasn’t been done enough.

What the criminal conspiracy of democrat operatives and officials, activist judges and corrupt media may be forcing the Trump administration to do is what a Biden administration wouldn’t hesitate at if it encountered dissent, which it will. The difference being that President Trump taking such a drastic step would be to ensure a legal and fraud-free election “redo” whereas a similar step taken by a Biden administration would be a retaliation against constitutionalists.

It’s called martial law and it has a connotation of being a vicious crackdown on dissenters but that is not how or why it exists. From the Encyclopedia Britannica: In the English legal system, the term is of dubious significance; in the words of the English jurist Sir Frederick Pollock, “so-called ‘martial law,’ as distinct from military law, is an unlucky name for the justification by the common law of acts done by necessity for the defence of the Commonwealth when there is war within the realm.”

Are we suffering from “war within” the land? The answer would be affirmative in how the globalist agitators are funding violent insurrectionists’ looting, fire-bombing, assaulting and murdering law enforcement officers and people identified as “patriots” in cities, spreading to suburbs and rural areas. They are acts of civil insurgence as are the well-witnessed, poorly hidden voter fraud conspiracies to undermine the election’s legitimacy.

With evidence that voter fraud has become endemic in the United States (and from this linked investigation, internationally), relying on a compromised Congress to “choose” the next president may not be the best solution. In the end, President Trump may be faced with initiating martial law just long enough to safeguard an uncorrupted election.

This would mean quickly creating and instituting a national photo voter identification program that correctly verifies the true identity of each legal voter, doing away with dead individuals, non-citizens and people casting multiple ballots. A complete revamping, or junking to swiftly resolve the tainted process, of electronic voting should take place until a blockchain system (that fully protects the voter1) can be established with photo ID cards. It would be necessary to proceed with paper only—no scanning—ballots for this one election. It will mean enforcement of poll watchers’ ability to actually view the vote process and tallying, and it will mean prosecuting all who participated in the fraud we are now witnessing.

Anyone being sidetracked by a false narrative that President Trump would be trying to illegally stay in office by taking this unfortunate but necessary measure, should think again.

The groundwork has already been laid for a Biden administration, or whoever ends up in the Oval Office due to his advancing dementia, to label the rioting as insurrection, using the democrat funded and sanctioned chaos to install martial law in order to achieve their own draconian ends.

Is the latter scenario outrageous? Not when considering Obama-Biden’s eight years of force-feeding socialized healthcare, higher taxes and energy costs, plummeting economy and America-hating education down the throats of the public—and remembering that President Trump has reversed all of that in a matter of one term in office.

If it came down to either accepting President Trump calling martial law for a brief period to conduct a new constitutional election, or allowing the control-mad democrats to misuse the power to replace our compound republic with a socialist model doomed to failure, what would the majority choose?

Most American citizens are dedicated to seeing this nation return to its roots as clarified in the Declaration of Independence:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness,” which document was codified by the Constitution of the United States of America where the Preamble states:

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

There is no argument—though some think they can make one—that the Trump administration has and will continue to uphold these tenets of liberty while a democrat takeover would be allegiant to themselves only, standing ready to forcefully establish equal misery for all.

In the event of a Trump administration deciding martial law ought to be put into effect for time enough to ensure a secure election, that might be a good thing.

  1. The founder of says this: “This is an attack on our constitution and representative government by right to vote. Illegal ballots nullify legal votes. Radicals facilitating insurrection are attacking legally elected President, culminating in election fraud. USA can’t exist without Representation. Solution”


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