Activist-Driven Anarchy Knows No Bounds

Activist-Driven Anarchy Knows No Bounds

By Dennis Jamison —–June 1, 2020

The loss of a single life can truly affect many, but how a life is lost will affect many in different ways. American citizens were watching in dismay as the riots over one man’s unjust and tragic death instigated so much mayhem and destruction.  Death in itself can be unjust, for many tragic reasons. People whose lives have been claimed by the COVID-19 can also be seen that way. In another sense, the recent, yet untimely, death of the Christian apologist, Ravi Zacharias, at 74 years of age, could be considered unjust. Ravi Zacharias lost his battle with cancer even though he had vitality and had a strong spirit to serve God and all the people he encountered.

Yet, from time to time in the United States of America, individuals and mobs rise up in great anger or indignation over serious injustice involving the unjust taking of human life.

The apparent unjust murder of George Floyd has now become the latest ignition point of the rise of anger, hatred, and rioting in many U.S. cities and in cities across the world. Video evidence indicating undue force by police action that led to one citizen being killed can rightfully justify anger and indignation. Americans do not like such unjust action because we still live in a civil society. Our civil society is based on the Judeo-Christian heritage at the heart of the nation. The Ten Commandments express the prohibition of murder, and thus the justice system of our nation has been established to protect U.S. citizens from murder.

Yet, once an unjust murder occurs, a citizen has lost his or her life. George Floyd should have been protected by the law enforcement officials, yet he lost his life at their hands. It is this point which makes Floyd’s murder so egregious. It is why all kinds of citizens can understand the injustice of the murder of a citizen. Nevertheless, rioting spread over a prolonged period of time, which involves the burning, the looting, the destruction of businesses and establishments is also unjust. People owning businesses that were the objects of violent or destructive activity were also violated. They had their rights taken by others. They had nothing to do with a black man killed by a white police officer, and they were not in Minnesota.

Such violent rioting spread over a widespread area, however, is not limited to what could be considered spontaneous demonstrations of anger over police brutality. The government is instituted to protect citizens – not permit harm to its citizens. A person of common sense needs to realize that such violent and prolonged rioting is not really a backlash against the ineptitude of a local Minneapolis police force or the ineptitude of government, but a general melee against common citizens. Such rioting represents a zeal to do harm to anything or anyone in their way; much like rabid dogs snapping at anything in their path, there is no respect for civility or order.

A general melee against common citizens who are just trying to survive in a time of the coronavirus is also unjust. Businesses all across the U.S. had already been hard hit due to the lockdown or shutdown orders from the governors of various states. Millions of citizens are hurting financially. So, when the businesses are torched and looted, what does that say about those who are supposedly protesting against injustice? It sends the specific message to people with common sense that the rioting no longer has moral linkage to George Floyd’s murder.

The rioting in these multi-city demonstrations has moved beyond an expression of grief and genuine indignation over injustice. The rioting demonstrates basic traits of anarchy. Whoever is at the core of the rioting in the various cities shows little respect for justice, or law, or order. It is the nature of the mob. Mobs sought victims, and generally business owners, already in trouble from lockdown orders, became victims once again. One has to ask whether the riotous behavior has any value other than destruction of the livelihood of individual citizens or the intimidation of the general public. Who benefits?

If the violence were just an emotional outburst, the rioting may have subsided after a limited period of time—especially when Minneapolis officers directly involved with Floyd’s death were promptly fired, and the key irresponsible officer arrested and charged with murder. However, the sustained ferocity and increased violence is highly suspect. It is indicative of planned and sustained activism. When the targets of the rioters are average citizens who have businesses in the areas where violence occurred, the rioting cannot be justified. Such rioting cannot be justified by the government, as it was the very government that was responsible for putting those police officers on the job.

The rioting cannot be justified by the rioters if they are demonstrating their displeasure with the government because the victims of the outrage and damage was upon innocent individuals. One needs to see that these same irresponsible Minneapolis or Minnesota officials could not prevent the death of George Floyd; they were also incapable of being able to provide protection for local shop owners and small or large business owners. Yet, upon whom did the protestors take out their anger or “frustrations” in the riots? This is absolutely contradictory! The ones who primarily benefit are the ones who employ destruction as a way of making a point. Anarchy, like destructiveness, does not have to have a point.

Such rioting is not equitable and indicative of a gross willingness to violate the laws of a civil society. Anarchists do not care about government, period. Marxists do not care about a healthy economy. Would they truly be concerned with Floyd’s life? The answer is simple – no. The core of leadership behind this sustained activity chose to use people who do truly care as a cover for doing all the damage they could get away with. Rioting in this time was not a concern over an unjust death. In fact, Floyd’s death has truly been over-exploited by way too many for far too long. Most of the rioting is taking place in states where there are already lockdown orders. That says a great deal about the ineptitude or the duplicity of government in those states.

Only people who respect the law, obey it. Only those people who care about a civil society will seek to maintain it.  Only those people who care about the Republic will labor to keep it.

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