Agenda 21 Warmed Over

Agenda 21 Warmed Over

By Michael J. Lewinski

Tom DeWeese, a defender of liberty for many years, made these observations recently. “The Green New Deal will destroy the very concept of our Constitutional Republic, eliminating private property, locally elected representative government, free markets and individual freedom. All decisions in our lives will be made for us by the government…” He says the Green New Deal is nothing more than a hyped up version of Agenda 21 issued by the United Nations in the last century.

He then laid out his case. “I warned that Agenda 21 would control every aspect of our lives, including how and where we live, the jobs we have, the mode of transportation available to us, and even what we eat. The Green New Deal is a tax on everything we do, make, wear, eat, drink, drive, import, export and even breathe.”

He is very critical of the Progressive Democratic Socialists who want to completely transform human society. They want to eliminate internal combustion engines and replace them with walking, bikes and light rail. Commercial trucking is on the Socialist hit list, as are private single-family homes, how and when we use energy in our living spaces, and heavily taxing us to live in their Socialist paradise.

As DeWeese has said, these Democrats want to control every aspect of our lives. He says, “Controlling what we eat is a major part of the Green New Deal.” These Progressive Democratic Socialists are against growth in the economy. They don’t want the economy to grow, they want to shrink it. How well will that work out for you and your family when they ban most manufacturing, shut down most stores, stopped single-family home construction, close the airline industry, and severely regulate farms and the entire food industry?”

If you don’t want to yield to the tyranny of the Progressive Democrat Socialists, you have to vote them out of power. This is the only way to preserve your religious, economic and political freedom.

Michael Lewinski holds a masters degree in special education. He taught special education classes at the junior and senior high school levels in Ohio and Indiana until his retirement in 2010.

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