All America’s Enemies are Not Created Equal

All America’s Enemies are Not Created Equal

By Dennis JamisonMarch 30, 2020

As the COVID-19 pandemic consumes the health and takes the lives of thousands upon thousands of our fellow human beings, the “news” of this global tragedy also takes a toll upon innocent people. In this time, people who operate media outlets are either of two fundamental mindsets: they can be either people of faith or people without any serious faith. The people of genuine faith seem to promote hope and sincerely seek ways to be of help to solve problems—even to solve the spread of the disease—even to find a real cure for the disease. The people without any serious faith promote fear and fan the fear into flames of panic within the minds and hearts of those who have the audacity to hope for a victorious outcome.

Hope is hard enough to come by in a toxic environment today

It is obviously clear that so much is happening within the media world that people have a great deal of difficulty separating accurate information from fiction (or misleading and deceptive information). Certainly, along with accurate information that is being disseminated, a great deal of misinformation and disinformation is dumped into the various information outlets for public consumption. One point of variance, or serious lack of certainty will involve the true number of deaths brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. One can hear different figures, and like President Trump said, even one death is unacceptable. However, a different perspective exists within the minds of those who seek to spread or amplify fear.

Such a dichotomy has existed throughout the course of human history.  I imagine the understanding of hope vs. despair or panic, or more plainly, of faith vs. fear could be traced all the way back to the different points of view between Cain and his brother, whom he killed. These two views of reality as we know it are present within humanity today. And, the inevitable dilemma is that these two viewpoints are diametrically and fundamentally opposite from one another. And tragically, one view also includes no genuine, let alone sacred, value towards human life. Those who harbor such a lack of respect for human life fall into many levels of human society.

Hope is hard enough to come by in a toxic environment today. And, if there are those who are attempting to undermine hope, it may simply be because they cannot stand to have anyone hopeful when they are wallowing in despair. Much of the recent behavior of political elitists – regardless of Democrat or Republican can be viewed in this light. But, the basic notion of political parties in America being different from one another is a naive assumption. So, Americans must get beyond previously conceived attachments to a particular political party. Dr. Ben Carson was spot on when  during his campaign for the POTUS,  said that we are not each others’ enemy. He was explaining that people in the United States of America—“We the People” were being divided and manipulated by a ruling political class. And we need to awaken to this fact.

Trump took on the entrenched political class

Candidate Donald Trump was in alignment with this, but was even more prepared to take on this ruling elite within American politics.Trump took on the entrenched political class and did it without any personal needs of his own. He did it for the Republic as he could see the enemies to our nation. He spoke of hope – to make America great again!

And he was in the midst of fulfilling that promise. Yet, the entrenched establishment and designated leaders of the “other America” definitely saw Trump and his supporters as an existential threat. They initially tried to portray Trump’s candidacy as a joke, but it did not work. They attempted to undermine his campaign, to overturn the results of a legal election. They attempted to separate Trump’s supporters from him through character assassination and a political coup, and ultimately attempted to impeach him.

The escalation from the Swamp Wars, to the Deep State coup d’état, to the efforts to impeach Donald Trump are now well documented—a timeline exists. It is a history that is documented, not by the mainstream media, but by true patriots who love America for those original ideals and principles in the early founding documents, and patriots who love America for the blood that their forebears shed that they might inherit the freedoms they were willing to die for. That record of the battles for the Soul of America will one day help future generations know truly who America’s real enemies were in this time. The records in the battles for the Soul of America will also reveal a myriad remnant of patriots, and generally these patriots are people of faith, people of hope, who basically did what they could to reclaim the ideals embedded in the founding documents.

The Swamp Wars and the firing of Deep State operatives

The Swamp Wars and the firing of Deep State operatives, like the first casualty, James Comey, were simply the opening salvo of President Trump. Donald Trump has inspired a “civil” revolution against the “owners” of the political arena. The initial battles brought swift and premeditated actions of the ruling political class, and the “resistance” was mounted, and the reality of that resistance manifested when the Deep State operatives were activated. The subsequent shifts, or escalations, took place because a genuine domestic enemy exists in the halls of Congress and in the halls of the various bureaucratic offices. Trump may have had no idea how entrenched and just how extensive the Deep State is as it stands at the core of our national government.

It is highly doubtful that the ruling political class, and the Deep State band of willing and well-paid mercenaries, are people of faith. Their actions in this “civil” Civil War speak so loudly that even children can understand how mean and destructive they are. Yet, they still strut around as owners of America. It is now even more apparent who the domestic enemy is in America with the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic. Those voices of the  ruling political class, whether they come from the elected political elites, or the MSM minions, or the clueless useful idiots of the Hollywood “hollow minds” crowd, the true enemies of America are able to be seen for who they really are. Their “true colors” are being exposed right before the eyes of the American public. Unfortunately, those in the American public who cannot break their addiction to “toxic media” will suffer the serious side-effects.

One of those premeditated efforts are to separate the American people from Donald Trump in a way that could not be done before—a deliberate decision to cease coverage of the daily presidential press briefings and public announcements regarding how the COVID-19 pandemic is being confronted by the concerted effort of federal authorities with all different levels of the American society. This is quite hard to believe, but this has also been documented by those who care about the lives of their fellow citizens. One of the more detailed justifications of this is in The Atlantic, which used lies to perpetrate the logical rationale to separate Trump’s announcements to the American people. For those who do not pay attention to those briefings a lie would be acceptable as a rationale for the cessation of television coverage of the POTUS.

James Fallows, the writer for the Atlantic lied in his article on March 20, 2020, that “Much of what Trump said was false: Most dramatically, his claim that the FDA had just approved use of an anti-malaria drug for treatment of COVID-19, and that it would be a “game-changer.” (FDA officials immediately clarified that they had done no such thing.)” In point of fact, Trump did make an announcement of that sort, but the main announcement came from the Director of the FDA, Dr. Stephen Hahn. Apparently, it is likely that Fallows had already started his personal boycott of President Trump’s press briefings—maybe as early as 2017. However, this is an example of either ignorance in a professional capacity, outright bias, or deliberate deception. And it is a basis of MSM “logic” of blocking coverage of the president. The article also noted Trump’s approval ratings soared after he came in front of a broader segment of the American public.

Fallows, of course wants to garner a broad-based effort to defend the rationale to cut Trump’s coronavirus pandemic briefings. The fundamental premise is that only MSM truth, or versions of reality, should be fed to the American people. Fallows multiplies this fallacious premise by citing other “media professionals” who came to the same conclusion. Jay Rosen, in his “Press Think blog”, has come to the same conclusion about live event coverage. His item covers many other steps in what he calls “emergency mode” handling of Trump, but on live events he says: “Switching to emergency mode means our coverage will look different and work in a different way,  as we try to prevent the President from misinforming you through us…”

By eliminating live coverage they are more easily able to edit what the POTUS is telling the American people

Haven’t all the MSM always been trying to tell you what Trump said by misquoting him and lying about what he did say? By eliminating live coverage they are more easily able to edit what the POTUS is telling the American people. This is indicative of a true enemy to the American people. However, when Wolf Blitzer made the statement back in 2018 that “We are not the enemy of the American people. We love the American people,” he was not lying. The MSM does love the American people—because without the American public, Blitzer and Fallows and Rosen would not have jobs. There is little doubt that media minions like this are paid by the huge corporate media moguls who have captured the minds of the American public.

So, another battle for the Soul of America is being waged by the corporate media elites who know better than the American public what they should and should not receive via the airwaves. Few Americans know that most of the major media outlets are owned by only six large media conglomerates. And, for those who are willing to receive it, these corporate MSM moguls have more in common with the Chinese Communist tyranny that is responsible for the pandemic than they do with a duly elected president of the people. If the MSM is boycotting coverage of the POTUS, it is just one more way they are assisting in separating the American people from their duly elected leader. If the MSM is boycotting coverage of the POTUS, what value do they actually have? So, If the MSM is boycotting coverage of the POTUS, and most of the “news” is “toxic media coverage” the American public should determine they have no use for the MSM. They are just one more enemy of the American people and the Republic. Americans need to awaken and act accordingly.

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