America-Hating Democrats Embrace “Defund the Pentagon” Movement

America-Hating Democrats Embrace “Defund the Pentagon” Movement

By: Def-Con News – 10/21/2020

Because defunding the police wouldn’t make this country unsafe enough, radical leftist democrats are now embracing the “Defund the Pentagon” movement to make sure America is destroyed once and for all. Heavy hitters in the America Caucus like Ilhan Omar and Bernie Sanders are throwing their support behind the ridiculous idea of getting rid of the U.S. Military completely. Like all things involving these folks, this is to help usher in socialism.

Cori Bush is a radical communist running as a democrat for the U.S. House of Representatives in Missouri. If she is elected next month, this will be her agenda:

Minnesota “Loon Squad” member Ilhan Omar took a few seconds off from campaign fraud and incest to champion this idea:

And the Bernie Sanders Communist Machine loves the idea:

People for Bernie
The Senate Budget Chair after defunding the Pentagon

There are several ways leftists are trying to destroy the United States of America like open borders and socialism, but getting rid of the military would be the quickest. Flooding the country with third-world illegals or abolishing capitalism will take decades, but without a military to protect us, we’d be gone by next quarter.

The irony here is that these America-haters want to defund the Pentagon to bankroll socialism, but without a military to force people to comply, Americans will not accept it. It’s probably a moot point since the lack of a military means the Unites States will be a smoldering crater, completely devoid of life. But still, you can’t impose socialism without an oppressive military force.

If you think I’m exaggerating the severe consequences of defunding our military, consider this: The indigenous people of the Americas had no real means of protecting their lands or defending themselves and they lost 2 entire continents.

In the “Defund the Police” movement, these idiots think that instead of having armed officers fighting crime, they can send in unarmed psychologists to keep the peace. Presumably they think the same thing will work when it comes to national security. If Russia or China is threatening us, simply deploy Dr. Phil and everything will be good.

Liberals will argue that this is just something a person who isn’t even elected yet tweeted out, that there’s nothing to worry about. Well, it was tweeted today and already Ilhan and Bernie are in. Defund the Police started off as a sign at a riot and quickly became a favored policy among elected democrats. Even Joe Biden supports certain aspects of defunding the police. By this time next week, Biden and Harris will be champions of the Defund the Pentagon movement.

From the group that has given us the Green New Deal this is easy the dumbest idea progressive democrats have ever come up with. It is however another great reason for not handing the keys of the country over to democrats.


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