America in Crisis

America in Crisis

By: Bonnie Parsley – 7/12/2020

Mobs burning down businesses, defacing monuments, tearing down statues, dishonoring our national heroes just because of the color of their skin. America is in crisis! Where does all this anger and hatred for America come from? It doesn’t take a lot of study to understand that our schools and our media have indoctrinated our kids for fifty years or more. They are no longer told about the sacrifice our ancestors made to establish this country. They are not given an appreciation for the unique ideals of freedom that has led to innovation, invention, and prosperity for more people than has been created in any other nation in history.

The divide between political ideologies has become so great, we must ask ourselves if we headed for a second Civil War. Our largest cities have become ungovernable. Police are demonized and not supported by the Democrat leadership in those cities. Criminals are given the nod to continue their rioting, looting and destruction. Nancy Pelosi simply said, “People are going to do what people do.” There is no condemnation by any officials in the Democrat Party.

It is clear that Democrats have become the far Left Party. They want to fundamentally change the country into something that we will not recognize. The words in the Declaration of Independence guaranteeing the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness will disappear. Government will control every aspect of life, if this comes to pass.

Socialism is what they want. How can they want a system that has failed everywhere it has been tried.? Once a country votes for socialists they will put in regulations that will make it impossible for individual freedom.

Socialism can only be maintained through force and total control of every business, and every citizen.

The United States of America is facing the most dire threat from those who want to destroy everything for which our country stands. If Democrats win the presidential election in November, and if they take over the Senate,

there will be no stopping them. They will give amnesty to the 20 to 30 thousand illegal aliens, they will give them health care and welfare. This will attract more unskilled, poorly educated into our country. All of this will finally collapse our economy, and there will be no coming back from that.

It is frightening to watch young people on the streets who cannot name the nation we fought in the Revolutionary War. They don’t know anything about our founders except they were slave owning white men. Ignorant people can be easily deceived. They will be led like sheep to the slaughter. They will wake up one day to a country they don’t recognize.

Those of us who see what is going on must educate the young people. There is not much time left, but if we can get through to young people in our family and in our community, perhaps we can save our country. Freedom is a precious thing. It must be fought for, defended, and declared throughout the nation. Let the young people know that their freedom can be taken away, and there will be nothing they can do about it if socialists take control.

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