American Disagreement with Tyranny Arising

American Disagreement with Tyranny Arising

by Dennis Jamison – 1/7/2021

In such a time as this, the American Republic appears to be on its deathbed. While a certain sadness fills citizens’ hearts when considering that four brave and well-meaning people died yesterday in the storming of the United States Capitol building, it is more appropriate to pray for their souls. Many in the nation may mourn the loss of life in such a meaningless attempt to fight for what those patriots believed they were doing through their dramatic actions. Certainly, their families will mourn their deaths as the loss of any life leaves a definite void. And, if that can be understood, the death of the Republic will leave an unmistakable void.

Not to diminish any individual’s death, whether by disease, violence, or by natural causes of aging, the death of a nation, is by far a loss that cannot be easily dismissed because it affects so many people’s lives. Yet, when so few stand to defend the nation due to lack of courage simply to exercise the authority one has been granted by the people, it is indeed a tragedy. When cowardice abounds in quite many so-called “leaders,” people naturally lose confidence in those they trust to lead them.

Especially, when people’s lives, liberty, and the freedom to pursue their livelihoods are genuinely threatened, they often choose to fight. This is the beating heart of America, and without a sense that the government is able to secure such rights, citizens can no longer have confidence in the leaders that they elected to lead them. As such confidence fades, helplessness or hopelessness can gnaw at the soul. In such times, only the bold and brave can be strong enough to determine to stand and fight for God-given rights.

The frequent ridiculous argument that America’s democracy is in danger of  being destroyed is a false notion; yet, on the other hand, it is accurate in a way. The false notion that democracy is the foundation of America may have originated in the late 1820’s as Andrew Jackson helped create a new political party known as the Democrats. The populist ideas and methods of Jackson often clashed with the Constitution, but he paid no heed. Under    a Jackson Administration, the federal government got away with the “Trail of Tears.” a very blatant and brutal forced relocation of Indian peoples after redistribution of about 100 million acres of traditional Indian lands, prime real estate throughout the southeastern U.S. That is democracy in action.

The Founding Fathers did not create a democracy, as they feared such a form of government that would permit mob rule and little or no legitimate consideration of the claims of minorities within the domain of the nation they did create under a Constitutional Republic. It is more a fact that the Republican form of government, guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution, has been threatened since the days of the forming of the Democrat Party. However, in recent decades that threat has heightened.

The accuracy of the argument that America’s democracy is in danger of  being destroyed is a notion that looks more realistically at the erosion of the Republic and compares it with the prolonged steady growth of democracy instituted by the Democrats in the Age of Jackson. The slave culture of the Deep South was like a democracy in some aspects, but resembled more of an autocracy than a true democracy. The twist to this is an exception that the KKK served the Democrat Party as “enforcers of justice” when the state governments could oppress the Black population until the days of the Civil Rights Movement and Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.

This southern Democrat Domain was representative of state governments’ power to eliminate the Constitutional Rights of the Black citizens. The Solid South exercised dominion over the Blacks in a most serious manner. That was democracy in action. This was not entirely unusual, since in the entire history of the United States, the Constitution has been ignored, trampled upon, and truly violated for quite a number of years. Such crimes of this nature have been committed by a number of individuals that most of the U.S. citizens trusted as leaders and trusted enough to elect them to positions of responsibility in the government.

Yet, in recent decades, “rank and file” Americans endured many indignities as they watched as their “trusted” leaders drift further and further from protecting and defending our beloved Constitution. Yet, the proverbial “straw that broke the camel’s back” may have been the recent efforts of the Democrats, et. al. to steal the election.

The recent gatherings of those “rank and file” citizens in Washington, D.C. and other capital cities on Wednesday demonstrates the sustained rise of a movement of true patriots, serious conservatives, and brave Christians that will not easily go away. The anger and disgust over a provably fraudulent and manipulated election is boiling over. The state governments denying to even consider the evidence only exacerbates the situation. People who are driven to a state of desperation will take the law into their own hands as they see that those who are supposed to protect and defend their rights under the Constitution don’t.

Abraham Lincoln, as a young man, long before he became famous, voiced his concern about a similar phenomenon. Lincoln was concerned about the outright violence occurring all across the nation from the South to Kansas to his home state of Illinois. At the age of 29, Lincoln gave his first major public political address at the Young Men’s Lyceum of Springfield, Illinois, and viewed America’s reality in such a time quite soberly:

…good men, who love tranquility, who desire to desire to  abide by the laws and enjoy their benefits, who would gladly spill their blood in the defense of their country, seeing their property destroyed, their families insulted, and their lives endangered, their persons injured, and seeing nothing in prospect that forebodes a change for the better, become tired and disgusted with a government that offers them no protection, and are not much averse to a change in which they imagine they have nothing to lose.

The divisiveness over this fraudulent election has fragmented the federal system of justice across the nation, or mainly Democrat-controlled states now referred to as “battleground states.” In politically sanitized terms, the media labels them “swing states.” That may be because attempts to steal the election was to swing the vote count from one favored candidate to another, as has been demonstrated as being very possible by computer experts with Dominion voting machines.

The federal system based upon some level of trust between states and the federal government is now dysfunctional. At the heart of this dysfunctional system is the erosion of trust in the U.S. electoral process. But, well before this election, a large percentage of the American population did not believe in the value of voting in elections – some out of sheer laziness – but several had become disenfranchised by the corruption long before 2020. When the citizens feel disenfranchised, no matter which side of the political spectrum one would occupy, trust has eroded.

Yet, freedom’s hope still flickers. Across the nation on Wednesday, apart from the tragedy in Washington, D.C., in state capitals several peaceful protests did take place without violence or desperate measures, or deaths. Even in Sacramento, California, patriots gathered in large numbers to voice their frustrations, to speak of reasoned future endeavors of peaceful civil disobedience. We the People simply need to peacefully disagree to tyranny and no longer allow gutless “leaders” to mislead us.

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