Americans Uniting for the Abolition of Black Genocide

Americans Uniting for the Abolition of Black Genocide

America’s very existence may very well be tied to how citizens look upon and defend the existence of the life growing inside mothers’ wombs.

By Dennis Jamison November 26, 2019

In a couple of days, Americans will be celebrating Thanksgiving, a holiday usually centering around the value of family and friendship and gratitude to God for His blessings upon us all. Unfortunately, this holiday will be bittersweet based upon a recent awakening at an educational event in California sponsored by the Salt & Light Council in the area. The recent event was not only educational, it delivered more of a shock to one’s conscience than many attendees were ready to receive. As a white journalist in attendance at what seemed to be a predominantly black audience, the most shocking message delivered to the attendees was from a black woman who spoke unequivocally about the existence of Black genocide in the United States of America. It awakened many attendees.

Content of Character Series

The event entitled: the “Content of Character Series,” has sprung up within the past few years, and features nationally recognized leaders from around the country whose intent was to enlighten and broaden attendee’s understanding of black history, to acquaint them with social justice from a Biblical perspective, and to awaken people to “the cultural information campaign designed to disrupt our Judeo-Christian values.” Additionally, from their promotional materials, the Content of Character events is designed to affirm the value and dignity of black Americans. The particular content from Lori Hoye did much more. She put the self-imposed destruction of black lives in an unforgettable framework.

Recently, there have been major breakthroughs in getting the truth out about abortion in the United States, but Lori Hoye’s presentation at the “Content of Character Series,” took the tragedy of abortion to another extreme. For over a decade, Lori and her husband, Rev. Walter Hoye, have been challenging the realities associated with black genocide perpetuated through the onslaught of the culture of death in the form of the popular acceptance of abortion. So, to talk about affirming the dignity and value of blacks in the world, her topic essentially overshadowed many of the other great presentations. When the deliberate extermination of a people is happening right in front of America, and not many are genuinely aware, it will be hard to swallow the turkey and mashed potatoes this Thursday.

Issues for Life Foundation

Rev. Walter Hoye and his wife Lori have been on this crusade for a long while, and in order to carry on the work, they have founded an organization called the “Issues for Life Foundation”  The website offers a more targeted focus upon the self-destruction of black civilization in the United States. While Rev. Hoye spoke on the topic of “Black History” at the Content of Character event, he has patiently worked full time on educating Americans of this horror of abortion-genocide since 2010. While the couple has crusaded to bring greater awareness of this modern catastrophe to the public, their goal is to reach “Zero lives lost to abortion or the biblically immoral and unethical implementation of biotechnology.

Unfortunately, as this dedicated and faithful husband and wife team are striving to put an end to mass murder, the Planned Parenthood behemoth still maintains “authority” and “popularity” within the black community, essentially within the entire nation. For example, in the recent off-year elections, Planned Parenthood-Virginia received $350,000 from the George Soros initiated “Democracy PAC.” Leftist billionaire George Soros gave the Planned Parenthood-Virginia organization their largest outside contribution ever, and along with the other outside money, the state was flipped from Red to Blue. Who will end up suffering under such Democrat leadership?

Fortunately, Lori and Rev. Hoye are today at the forefront of this battle for the survival of innocent black lives, but other pioneers in the black community have continually raised their voices and sounded the alarm over the years. On the east coast, another black minister, Rev. Dr. Clenard H. Childress Jr., has been providing education on the horrors of black genocide since August of 1999 when he was appointed President of the Life Education And Resource Network (L.E.A.R.N) in the Northeast Region. According to the L.E.A.R.N. website, the organization “is the largest, African-American, evangelical pro-life ministry in the United States: “We are a network of life affirming pro-family advocates who work to ensure the survival of all races of people, and improve our quality of life without sacrificing our children.”

In September of 2002, Pastor Childress Jr. created the Pro-life website to reach into the African-American Community with the realities and truth regarding abortion. The Black Genocide website displays a drastic statement from Pastor Childress Jr. that provokes genuine reflection. In 2011, it appeared on a billboard in Manhattan: “The most dangerous place for an African-American is in the womb of his African American Mother.” At the time it helped raise the awareness of the clergy network, but today it leaves one seriously thinking about the reality and scope of this modern-day holocaust.

Unfortunately, to get the message out is one challenge—to break through the culture of death so the message is received, heard loud and clear, and actual behavior changes is another challenge. But awareness is increasing, and it seems more and more reputable Americans are standing up. Thankfully, the mission continues to expand, with prominent Americans like Dr. Ben Carson, Bishop E.W. Jackson, Alan Keyes, Candace Owens, Walter Williams, and others speaking out against black genocide.

20 million black babies have been killed since the Roe v. Wade Decision

In 2019, Lori Hoye still gives her audiences an earful. Mrs. Hoye makes a quite dramatic comparison between the Armenian genocide instigated in 1915 by the Ottoman Empire, the Holocaust initiated by the National Socialist government of Hitler, and the current black genocide orchestrated throughout the United States since 1973. The comparative numbers are staggering. If one seriously searches his or her conscience, it is incredibly hard to distance oneself from this contemporary Holocaust in our midst. Such practice is antithetical to the value of life itself.

For those unaware, the Ottoman government instigated the systematic extermination of its Armenian Christian population. An estimated one million Armenians had perished by 1918. The genocide continued with varying intensity until 1923, as the Ottoman Empire ceased to exist, but by then the entire Armenian population of Turkey had ceased to exist. Under Hitler, many people now know, except for the Holocaust deniers, that six million Jews were exterminated by various means, but most lost their lives through the infamous Nazi concentration camps. By comparison, Lori Hoye explains that over 20 million black babies have been killed since the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision.

The real key here is that the abortion peddlers have convinced potential mothers, as well as the general public, that the life growing inside the womb of the pregnant woman is not really a human being. Incidentally, this was the same argument the same political party presented to the public to convince the majority of Americans that blacks were not true human beings. At that time the argument was used to justify the institution of slavery in the South after the nation was created upon the fundamentals of freedom. Today, this argument is used to justify the institution of abortion.

The efforts of these leaders and organizations are truly dedicated to helping to educate the public about the realities of abortion, especially the genocide in the black community, as well as being radical in advocating for the abolition of abortion in our time. The many websites and videos available provide an arsenal of information to stand up and speak out against this contemporary Holocaust.

This nation was not created to have the people’s government be responsible for such evil to continue to exist upon this planet. Over 200 years ago, America’s Founders boldly proclaimed self-evident truths and affirmed that our Creator gave us certain unalienable rights: “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.” Today, America and the American citizens are being tested on whether we truly believe in these truths. Certainly, Democrat leadership has taken a stand to demonstrate that these rights are no longer sacred. The contemporary Democrat leadership audaciously defends taking human life as a legal act.

God has never endowed humanity with rights to murder; truly, a “right” that human beings claimed for themselves. God affirmed through the Founders that He endowed us with the “right to life.” America is being judged by the words of our own founding documents. The nation is being judged by the culture the people have created. Ironically, America’s very existence may very well be tied to how citizens look upon and defend the existence of the life growing inside mothers’ wombs.

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