America’s 1st Temporary President May Never Come About

America’s 1st Temporary President May Never Come About

By Judi McLeodDecember 13, 2020

While the masses are holed-up at home watching television and reading the latest Tweets from Twits on the Internet,  waiting for a vote recount, that even if it ever takes place will be a long time in coming, the Democrats who wrote the script four years ago, are making ready to inaugurate Joe Biden as America’s 1st Temporary President.

It’s the second time the Democrats are pushing forward a pre-written script for the First Black Woman President.  Pretend Black Woman Hillary Clinton who never made it past the gate in 2016 and Black Woman—Jamaican/Indian—Kamala Harris.

This one’s being rolled out as ‘Kamala or Bust!’.

In order to forge full speed ahead, the Democrats worked to put the masses where they really need them to be—at home watching and reading all the ‘news’  they toss out daily to an in-sync mainstream and social ‘media’.

Problem is that after nine long months of being in the ‘waiting room’, the natives, no longer foot loose and fancy free, are getting restless—and unfortunately some getting more dispirited, dejected and despairing by day.

Worse, on the new abnormal home front, some are turning on each other and planning to give up.

Hard to see up over the brooding dark clouds placed over America and the Free West that even though Election 2020 was stolen—as planned—by the dirty Democrats, that nothing has really changed.

America is, and has been for decades,  ideologically divided roughly 50-50.

As we all go—many unwilling—into 2021, 50 percent will never forget that the Democrats and Media brazenly stole the election.  The other 50 percent will continue to use Black Lives Matter and Antifa with the unrelenting street chant that America being “systemically racist!” needs to be “fundamentally transformed”.

Both sides will unleash their rage onto Twitter until Twitter and social media complete their censorship of the ‘Stop The Steal’ crowd.

That the Democrats and their surrogates now promise to hound President Trump even in private life comes with an inadvertent hint:  They can boast about it mostly because it will most likely never happen.  After all is said and done, President Trump will remain in the White House—from which they must return to hound him out.

In the ongoing fight, ahead,  most critical of all for the side from which the Election was deliberately stolen will be for patriots to stick together.

We’re not all (thank God!) like perpetually disgruntled Mitt Romney, who, when things don’t go our way, go off to the nearest corner to sulk.

Mitt-type blowhards know how the media works.

Knowing that the media will post anything negative you have to say about God, country, and President Donald J. Trump, you just have to say something nasty or snarky to hit front page headlines of the day.

Do you remember the Tweet you read yesterday, or only the one you read on Twitter a few seconds ago?

For some, it’s ego bolstering to see their names in a post.

Others complain that they’re not sleeping at night without admitting that they’d rather be awake griping than sleeping.

Unfortunately, full scale bickering and backbiting is becoming a way of Life in the Lockdown.

That’s exactly what the Democrats wanted.  The masses fighting each other instead of fighting them off.

The last thing patriots should be doing is giving the Democrats the pleasure of knowing they are infighting and starting to give up hope.

All things are never lost because all things are passing.

No one on Earth really knows what’s coming tomorrow.

Election 2020’s not over until a doddering old guy named Joe Biden puts his hand on the Bible to swear allegiance to America on Jan 20—and not even over then.

Biden swore allegiance to himself and his own family a long time ago, and is back at the gate looking for more loot.

Everything the Democrats have done to date has been an Act—Acts high on street theatre that have failed each and every time.

Believe in your Creator.  Believe in yourself and hold belief and hope for America’s future.

Be brave, ignore the media’s scaremongering on the pandemic.  Step out of your front door and breathe in a lungful of fresh air even though it’s winter.

The pandemic’s not waiting outside your front door even though Dr. Anthony Fauci hints that it is.

Bracing fresh air is still good for you, no matter what the media says.

Don’t vent your frustrations on each other, or on cheap-shot Twitter before going off into the corner to sulk.

Stop sucking your thumb.  That’s what Romney, other anti-Trumpers, Hollywood and malcontent Democrats do.

As CFP columnist Fredy Lowe would say: “Onwards and upwards”.

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