America’s Second Tea Party 246 years after Boston

America’s Second Tea Party 246 years after Boston


Colorado Springs: The historically pivotal Tea Party protest of 1773 was an iconic event of American history. It is the event that led to the start of the American Revolutionary War in 1775. The Boston Tea Party was a political protest that occurred at Griffin’s Wharf in Boston, Massachusetts. American colonists frustrated and angry at Britain for imposing “taxation without representation,” dumped 342 chests of British tea into the harbor.

Tea Party Re-Deux

Similarly, today, in America and indeed, around the world, ‘the people’ have become increasingly frustrated by the power big governments’ and multi-governments’ have over the electorates. The ruling class that has been ascendant for well over the past 30 years has found comfort in their lofty seats of power. Hence, they are loath to give them up.

The fable of Democrat versus Republican has been well played over the years. Sensible people have bought into their boxing match. One party gets in, and the opposition rails; the other party gets in, and the reverse happens.

Lately, both parties are of the same ilk. Both endorse big government. Both party’s representatives in Washington, D.C. enjoy smoking the same cigars at the same club of insiders. The drama is played out in a complicit media, supported by a school system designed to create like-minded robot victims of students.

The colonialization and hegemony of the British monarchy had nothing on the marginalization and enervation created by the “club” here in America.

“Cooperate, and graduate” is the message. Banish any thoughts not correctly endorsed by Mother Government and her propaganda arm, the national media.

America’s socialist big government

While Big Government and Socialism have been festering for many years now, the pivot point, or let us say the time when tea bags began falling from upper story windows, was the election of a businessman, an outsider, Donald J. Trump.

He was not in the club. It was some mistake. He had to go before club members’ comfy seats of power could grow cold.

The outsider, President Trump, responding to a reporter’s question about his recent dust-up with London’s mayor, responded by saying he was not very fond of critics; the people to whom he responds are those who produce results.

He plays a good cop-bad cop with the North Korean leader, much as he undoubtedly did in his many national and international land deals earlier.

He dares to use the tools available to the president to – gasp! – solve problems, a recent example being the imposition of tariffs on Mexico, forcing them to stem the flow of immigrants moving through their country to America’s shores.

Tea Party 2020 Style

In so doing, to continue the metaphor, he may as well stamp “Lipton tea” on his forehead and be done with it. His fans get it. Oddly, Washington even gets it. However, Washington pretends not to.

They want this man out one way or the other. How dare he crash the party? Him, the ultimate never-held office outsider? Only club members allowed.

George Will, a club dinosaur of the highest order, has just published a book designed to help hold the club together. Will would complicate our simple constitution and legal system. He would do so by speaking of our “precious heritage.” He would stem the Trumpian turn to populism.

The very title of his book, “The Conservative Sensibility,” conveys his intention of preserving the preciousness of conservatism by “serious people.” Translation: He would obfuscate the essence of America and in so doing, would eliminate the “hoi-poloi” from the great halls of government.

Read, “those in flyover country who may have caught on.”

A rose by any other name smells as sweet

Some call “the club” the “Deep State.” Others refer to it as the ‘Establishment.” No one, it seems, particularly the oaf from New York City and Mar a Lago, has the chops to run this country. Never mind a farmer president. Never mind the movie actor with his jelly-beans and Santa Barbara ranch.

Outsiders need not apply.

Moreover, so, we return to our beginnings. Americans and perhaps others elsewhere have woken up. They are not “woke.” They are fully awake. They have noted the locked gates of power and the bastardization of the founding documents. Corralling the country’s security services into a monolith of lies, entrapments, and law-breaking has been noted.

When our government works for “the club,” and not us, it’s time to toss those crates of tea overboard.

 “Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.” –  George Santayana

President Trump is our change agent. He has been at the harbor for nearly three years now, challenging “the club,” dumping their crates overboard. Will America continue its traditions of self-reliance and small government?

Alternatively, will we succumb to the “Hate Trump,” “Hate America” crowd? Not even George Will in his high-minded elitist book can know for sure.

One thing we do know, however. The great American Revolution brought man’s ingenuity, individualism, and freedom from big government interference to the fore. It is that self-same small government approach that built a country filled with entrepreneurs and doers, receiving the profits of their efforts.

For those who would support socialism, a quick read of “Animal Farm” might be in order. When all are compensated equally regardless of their own efforts, pretty soon it comes to mind to not make extra effort.

Also, a government that can give you everything is a government that can take everything from you.

We loosened the shackles of big government once during the American Revolution, and it worked. With populism’s current birthing pains, let us hope “the club” is de-perched from their elite seats. Let freedom ring. Let the individual regain his footing without fear of what a big government might do to him.

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