An Honest Conversation

An Honest Conversation

By Michael J. Lewinski     5/01/20

We have on our hands a Communist revolution, as if a pandemic wasn’t enough. In big cities throughout America, riots, anarchy, chaos, arson,  thieving, bedlam, and lawlessness. This is the result of the tragic death of George Floyd at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer. This resulted in mass demonstrations night after night.

This series of events enabled Antifa and other communist organizations to institute the actions that result in what is described as riots. What a shame that the efforts of good people to demand justice to overcome a wrong has to be smeared by the efforts of the Progressive groups the are involved in these riots. Their aim is to overturn the political, economic, social, and cultural order.

I’ve spoken of this over the years. In a book about the pandemic which  I recently wrote, I have a scene that describes the kind of riots we are witnessing. President Trump on the first of June announced he would put down this revolution. If this is going to happen, citizens must rise up and support the tough actions he’s proposing. Society is a fragile thing that can tip either way.

All citizens must contact their elected political leaders and tell them to support the President. We must engage in a conversation and ask each other if we want the revolution to succeed or the American way to succeed. Talk about the things we must do as a people to right the wrongs our minorities have suffered. What we must do as a society, and as an individual. 

If we don’t have these conversations, the loss of our country will truly affect you. The bad things that will come your way, and the way of your family will be on your head.

The second way we have to defeat this revolution is through the 2020 elections. The weak politicians who enabled the rioters must be removed from office, replaced by Strong, conservative politicians.

The first thing we must do is appeal to God for a spirit of love, compassion, and mercy. We must repent of our sins and change our ways. God will hear us.


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