An open letter to Senator Tim Kaine

An Open Letter to Senator Tim Kaine

Senator Kaine, 

I received your letter today notifying us that you are hard at work finding out where the military funds are coming from for the border and what programs will suffer.

It is very shameful that you and others will do anything, find any way to delegitimize our President’s attempts to secure our country, and deal with the real crisis, both humanitarian and the one threatening our well-being on our border. We all know he has tried to work through Congress and is left with a constitutional statute, passed by Congress to use already allocated funds to do what you and those elected to represent us have a responsibility to carry out.

Why didn’t you vote to fund this border wall in Congress? Americans will remember that you and others, including some Republicans, have put party and personal interests ahead of our country.  

I would like you to address the diseases that are crossing our border, and how we are going to deal with them when they show up in our communities. I would like you to address how we will improve our serious crisis of addiction if drugs keep crossing our border. I would like you to address sex trafficking that continues with gaps in our border security. What are your solutions to these problems if we continue our open borders policy supported by Democrats?

You are showing where your loyalties lie, and it is not something to be proud of. Whether voters are Democrats, Independents, moderate Republicans, or previous non-voters, at your next election they will remember that you do not represent the interests or well-being of the American people, especially if they conflict with the agenda of the Left, which has taken over the Democrat party. 

Senator Kaine, please take a stand for America and forget your personal loyalties and self-interest. And encourage your colleagues to do the same, because it is the right and the American thing to do. It must be done now if we are to continue as a viable, sovereign country.


Kathleen Hall

Author’s Note: I encourage citizens to confront their congress members and let them know we are not fooled by their misplaced concerns about funding a secure border.

Kathleen Hall has been an activist since writing letters to the editor of local newspapers while in her early 20s. A second generation American, she feels gratitude and responsibility as a citizen of the best country in the world, where God-given inalienable rights of individual freedom and opportunity can be taken for granted. Her favorite quote is, “We’ve given you a Republic, if you can keep it” by Ben Franklin.

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