An ounce of prevention – How to stop forced vaccinations

An ounce of prevention – How to stop forced vaccinations

By J.R. Harrison -9/8/2020

To be forewarned is to be forearmed.

It’s coming and it won’t be that long until you are faced with the decision – especially if you simply sit and wait on it to happen. Yes, we are talking about the forced vaccinations of all American’s. You may say there is NO way that will happen or that YOU can personally refuse to take it if it does   Well, I hope you are right but have you noticed the number of our family, friends and neighbors that are wearing masks and the look you get when you don’t? Have you been refused service yet for not wearing a mask are you able to freely attend worship services?

What if you are refused entry into your local grocery store without a vaccination or can’t get health care, social security or Medicare without it? Will insurance companies jack up your cost, you can count on that because you are of course a healthcare risk – Like a heavy drinker or smoker.  In essence you will likely not be able to buy or sell without it. The aforementioned “it” being a vaccination to supposedly protect you against Covid 19 and then Covid 20, and then . .  Well you get the idea. And by the way, in the rush to get this critical Covid vaccination there is no way that it could ever be thoroughly tested like other vaccines that all take years to develop. That being the case, you will likely end up being a  test rat when you take it – Just saying.

Please watch this  video and then start by signing up to help us all  get ahead of the game. We are the USA folks and it starts with YOU!

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