An Uber Progressive Radical

An Uber Progressive Radical

By Michael J. Lewinski 08/31/20

I’m going to tell you about a really tough Progressive, Bob Lefsetz. He is a popular commentator from California who opines on music and politics. In a newsletter of August 30 he gives his readers his assessment of the protests in Portland. He begins his letter with, “And I thought the battle wasn’t supposed to start until AFTER the election!”

What he strongly implies is that when one Trump supporter killed someone in the BLM movement, the Antifa revolutionary movement took their revenge the following night. This is the battle to which Mr. Lefsetz was referring.

“So this is a warning. If you think it’s business as usual in these United States you’re sorely wrong. If you think it’s solely about rallying around Biden and Harris and keeping your fingers crossed, you’re sorely wrong. If you think winning the popular vote is the only thing that matters, you’re sorely wrong. If you think it’s going to be a fair election, you’re sorely wrong. Not to mention that there are so many ways to wiggle… the special powers of the President, the lack of clear information in the Constitution, re: disputes.

And, Trump and his minions are fighting to the death. Isn’t that what yesterday proved?

So stream your shows, listen to your music, tune it all out at your peril. We’re heading for a great conflagration. History tells us a small spark can cause a big fire, whether it was World War I or the Arab Spring or George Floyd. Everyone’s been told for so long how great America is, how it’s the best and most free country, the greatest in the world, that they’ve been resting on their laurels, they believe it and go on their merry way. The system depends on the faith of the people, and that’s already lacking. If you still believe…I feel sorry for you.” 

This uber Progressive lays out a case for President Trump stealing the election with voter fraud.  “…Biden’s victory is suddenly becoming a big if. Did you read Michael Moore’s pronouncement? He is predicting a Trump victory.” It doesn’t matter though, he says. The people are putting the power in their hands and are changing to the system for the good.”

Lefsetz says Trump is shafting the people with his tariffs and cutting trade with China. He accuses Trump of favoring an oligarchy with a few companies corning their respective markets.

These are the kind of things he writes about. Here is his website.

If you want a heads up on the Radical Progressives, look it up and sign up for future letters.


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