And Then They Came for the Christopher Columbus Statues

And Then They Came for the Christopher Columbus Statues

By  Def-Con News, 6/16/2020

As leftist have been tearing up our cities for two weeks with democratic leaders doing nothing, one of their side hustles, aside from looting, is defacing and destroying statues. It had been limited to Confederate generals and white slave owners (AKA democrats), but now there is a coordinated effort to annihilate Christopher Columbus statues. The reason being…well, he was a white guy.

In Richmond, Virginia, where they have an entire avenue full of Confederate statues, protesters went crazy on Columbus. WRIC reports:

The Christopher Columbus statue at Byrd Park has fallen at the hands of protesters.

Witnesses say around 8:30 p.m. Tuesday, protesters used three ropes to pull the Christopher Columbus statue down.

After the statue fell, protesters dragged the sculpture to the nearby Landing at Fountain Lake.

8News spoke with one protester who admitted to helping knock down the statue. The protester says the action was not planned, however, explaining that the act was a build-up over time after chants of “tear it down.”

Totally spontaneous and yet they had a sign ready to go.

In Boston, they went full-ISIS on a Columbus statue as CBS Boston reports:

“The Christopher Columbus statue in Boston’s North End will be removed after it was beheaded early Wednesday morning. Mayor Marty Walsh said it will be put in storage and there will now be conversations about the “historic meaning” of the incident and whether it will ever go back up.

The statue in Christopher Columbus Park on Atlantic Avenue was surrounded by crime scene tape as the head lay on the ground next to the base.

Now, as police investigate how it happened, local indigenous groups are calling on the mayor to remove the statue for good.

“It’s a park dedicated to white supremacy,” said Mahtowin Munro of the United American Indians of New England. “It’s a park dedicated to indigenous genocide.”

Boston’s Columbus statue is headless. Is there anyone on the planet who thinks this liberal group is going to repair the statue and put it back up?

Then in Minnesota, the epicenter of the left’s war on America, Christopher Columbus was lynched. KMSP has the news:

“A group has made good on its promise to tear down the statue of Christopher Columbus standing on the Minnesota State Capitol grounds.

Speaking earlier in the day, Minnesota Department of Public Safety Commissioner John Harrington said troopers would try to speak with a group that wants to tear down a statue of Christopher Columbus on the state capitol grounds.

But, at 5 p.m., the group tossed a rope around the statue and tugged it to the ground. Members of the crowd then danced and spit on the statue.

Speaking Wednesday, Governor Walz said he understands the impact that the symbolism of the statue can have on people.

“I hear it get pushed off as ‘frivolous’ or ‘political correctness,’” he said. “These are historical pains that led to what we saw happen with George Floyd and the anger that came out.”

So Christopher Columbus is the real culprit behind a black criminal drug addict dying from a heart attack in 2020? Liberals are awesome at justifying their ideas!

In case the guilty white liberals who are enabling and encouraging this stuff haven’t figured it out, eventually Black Lives Matter is coming for all white people. Chances are, they’ll go for the liberals first because they don’t believe in the 2nd Amendment and are unarmed.

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