Answering a medical police state

Answering a medical police state

By A. Dru KristenevJanuary 19, 2021

Inducing fear of losing one’s health has been the underlying goal of creating a pandemic mentality via manipulated information released over the last year through WHO and multiple national disease control agencies.

Since the early 2000s, the healthcare issue has been pounded by media and politicians as the most important component for life enjoyment. Not climate change. Not economic security. Not border protection or lack thereof. Not racism. Good health and how to insure it has been the insistent issue into which all these others have been rolled.

The release of a worldwide “pandemic” has been the vehicle used to compel individuals to focus on avoiding illness, pressing them to bypass human contact to the extent of destroying their finances and actually deteriorating the very health they sought to protect.

How does this medical manipulation translate into a police state?

It was the set-up for Congress to pass legislation rewarding hospitals, through state disbursements, for each assigned Covid-19 case, verified or not. Collective CDC numbers (compiled from state health departments) have proven that actual deaths from the Wuhan virus alone is less than six percent, the remainder ranging from co-morbidities to mis-assigned deaths due to car accidents, gunshot wounds and even poisonings. If the number of overall identified cases can be trusted, the recovery rate is above 99 percent. Either way, the virus has been used to instill unreasonable fear of work, church and social interaction.

Now, the fear has been so well institutionalized that most urgent care centers require every person to undergo Covid testing before they can be seen by a healthcare professional let alone treated. The widespread test is the PCR that the inventor, who won a Nobel Prize for his work, noted regarding the test: “If they can find this virus [AIDS] in you at all – and with PCR, if you do it well, you can find almost anything in anybody.” The implication is of unreliability as it is presently employed.

Fear of “spreading” the virus is being utilized to refuse medical treatment to those unwilling to be tested. Wary of a false result, they know that a positive reading could sentence an elderly person to a lonely and possibly deadly stay in a Covid unit. Further, it’s the excuse for barring the American People from all aspects of life, relegating them to viewing the machinations of government virtually (and powerlessly) online or via what the general media decides is worth seeing.

The rationale is being used to restrict travel, worship, commerce, school and political functions such as attending the inauguration. Who and what are the incoming officials attempting to protect? Why has the narrative changed from avoiding an increased medical emergency to blaming conservative voters as an excuse for imposing a military lockdown of the national capital, as well as numerous state capitols on Inauguration Day?

The overlapping fear-inducing fabrications have functionally disabled the federal government from representing the people who supposedly voted them into office. Relying on the “pandemic” to flood certain states with mail-in ballots, the result was that correctly registered voters physically showing up at their polling place were turned away by the thousands, informed they’d already cast their ballot by mail.

Thousands of witness affidavits have been collected speaking to the widespread fraud perpetrated on the American electorate, which laid the foundation for an incoming Biden “presidency” to disseminate false stories about threats against a new administration’s induction.

The provocateur-led “riot” at the Capitol on the day Congress was to receive the votes of the Electoral College has been incorrectly attributed to the near million peaceful rally attendees in Washington, D.C. The narrative that MAGA-types were responsible for five individuals dying there has been debunked as three died due to health emergencies, one woman was shot by the apparently complicit Capitol Police, and circumstances of the remaining death of an LEO have not been released as of this writing.

According to video and social media evidence posted by perpetrators, the break-in may have been a distraction to disperse Congress and confound the proceedings by pressuring members to allow the electoral votes to be accepted uncontested.

The incident was erroneously invoked to give House members cover to vote for an irrational and unsubstantiated impeachment of the president. Reportedly, as 30,000 national guard troops have been moved to the capital to preserve a ” peaceful transition,” fires burned behind the Capitol from a nearby camp. Media called it a homeless camp, which claim was evidently denied by individuals staying there, but the alarm that subsequently dispersed the inauguration practice, January 18, was a convenient smokescreen for blaming conservatives in absentia.

For decades, there has been a concerted effort to silence whole blocks of citizens, beginning with the first declaration by the Obama administration designating former military and conservatives as domestic terrorists, that’s now being re-instituted by Biden and his supporters. The planned optics of adorning rabble-rousers with MAGA hats and flags, like the founder of Insurgence USA who prompted the Capitol breach, is being trotted out to fool media watchers into believing average citizens are violent.

The real resisters are the vast bank of radicalized federal workers who have been diligently thwarting the policies of President Trump, duly elected by a majority opposed to the previous administration’s socialistic programs. They have gone so far as to call their efforts a ” coup” exhorting their co-workers to be non-compliant with Trump administration policies, making it their business to undermine the Constitutional government by leaking to the complicit press and obstructing the will of the People.

The medical police state is fully forming to box-in free thought, speech, religious worship and movement, positioned by a corrupt election process that has yet to be rectified and the entrenched army of socialist self-protective federal workers.

The answer is for us, every self-respecting citizen, to be non-compliant with the restrictive measures created to instill fear of a pandemic that in many ways isn’t. Refuse to be forced to provide inappropriate health and private information to obtain services from public agencies for which we pay. Pressure local, county, state and federal officials to represent those who placed them in office, not the current destructive cultural norm. If no effort is made to reverse the unconstitutional policies already being planned by an illegitimate administration, America’s posterity will suffer.

As the first act in support of America’s future, avoid the rallies at state capitols that are being promoted by anarchist agitators posing as patriotic citizens.

On Inauguration Day come together in prayer meetings to make supplication for our nation’s well-being and endurance. Speak biblically and purposefully to the victory of the Constitution over desperate actions by individuals working to hijack the liberty we enjoy, replacing it with a social order instituted to protect the interlopers’ power base. Refute the medical police state before it becomes established, which will require making the sacrifice of action in prayer and deed.

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