Anti-racist Audits

Anti-racist Audits

By Jim Bratten – 8/30/21

Judicial Watch, the conservative American educational foundation that promotes government transparency and the rule of law, discovered another atrocity in our infamous government school system, exposed in its August issue of Verdict.

This example of devious indoctrination of our children came in the form of 685 pages of “heavily redacted records” from the Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) in Maryland. The stack of documents included many that dealt with their “Anti-racist system audit” and detail concerning critical race theory classes.

Documents revealed “students of ‘Maryland’s Largest School District’ who attended Thomas Pyle Middle School’s social justice class were taught the phrase ‘Make America Great Again’ was an example of Covert White Supremacy.” That phrase appeared on a pyramid diagram, positioned (ranked) just below “lynching,” “hate crimes,” “the N-word” and “racial slurs.” The students were also instructed “white privilege” meant “being favored by school authorities” and “having a positive relationship with the police.”

In addition, the documents revealed MCPS paid over $454,000 for an “Anti-racist system audit” by a company called the Mid-Atlantic Equity Consortium, which claims their “expertise in using intersectionality as part of its theory of change makes us uniquely positioned to conduct the Anti-Racist Audit and mitigate the root causes of systemic barriers.”

That pyramid diagram shown to the students at Thomas Pyle Middle School was titled “Differences between overt and covert hateful white supremacy” and was divided horizontally into two sections, the upper, “Overt White Supremacy (Socially Unacceptable)” and the lower, “Covert White Supremacy (Socially Acceptable).”

Besides “MAGA,” other examples of Covert White Supremacy on the pyramid include thinking that “But we’re just one human family,” “color-blindness,” “cultural appropriation,” “celebration of Columbus Day,” and “police murdering POC [People of Color].” Another pyramid diagram begins with the word “genocide.”

Mid-Atlantic Equity Consortium’s “anti-racist system audit” proposal documents described intersectional theory: “People are often disadvantaged by multiple sources of oppression: their race, class, gender identity, native language, sexual orientation, religion, and other identity markers.” The company’s proposal explains that “identity markers … often create a complex merging of oppression.”

A slide titled “What is intersectionality?” explains that, “Exposing [one’s] multiple identities can help clarify the ways in which a person can simultaneously experience privilege and oppression …” and goes on to quote critical race theory “scholars.” This – for kids in middle school?

Another slide in the class presentation was titled “Implicit Bias, Structural Racism” and explained that “Race is created to justify enslaving people from Africa,” and informed the students about a “national narrative … about people of color being ‘less than’ human (and less than white)” justifying “mistreatment and inequality (white supremacy).” The slide promoted the fallacy that “white privilege” taints everything in American society and culture.

Students are instructed to view an interview with Patrisse Cullors, a founder of Black Lives Matter (BLM), and the class explains BLM’s “purpose” and “racist policies,” also defining terms such as “power,” “colonization,” “racial recognition,” “structural racism,” and “whiteness.”

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton commented, “The racist, revolutionary claptrap in these documents should be nowhere near a school classroom.” Teaching a divisive, racist ideology that is foreign to American children must not be taught in our taxpayer-funded government schools.

It’s systemically anti-American.

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