Any threats to free and fair elections are threats to our Republic

Any threats to free and fair elections are threats to our Republic

by Dennis Jamison – 10/1/2020

The integrity of America’s top law enforcement agencies has been compromised, as well as the integrity of Democrat governors and mayors in cities where they betrayed the American people in their jurisdictions. Local police forces are under attack and are targeted by elected and unelected Democrat officials for defunding or disbanding. Our nation has been compromised at all levels of government. Americans have witnessed the realities of Deep State corruption at the heart of the federal government, and tax-paying citizens have experienced it in their cities and states. Such corruption on such a  widespread scale originates in one political party that will stop at little to retain political power and absolute control.

In the last presidential election in 2016, America was stunned, the world was stunned, when Donald J. Trump won. He wasn’t supposed to win. The Democrats didn’t want it, and even a few prominent Republicans did not want Trump to become POTUS. The world witnessed opposition Democrats and “Never Trumpers” initially insisting that Trump was not a serious candidate, then attempting to thwart his election campaign, attempting to undermine his presidency through many unwarranted and unsuccessful “investigations,” which were the aggregation of political  moves in a “civil” coup d’état. Those who committed such crimes against the Republic have not yet been brought up on charges, but many of these “white collar” criminals have been free to move about the country as if nothing had happened. The people have been lied to on a daily basis with the constant spewing of political propaganda from the mainstream media moguls and their minions. Yet, all of this is not enough to set the stage for voting in the 2020 election.

The threat of COVID-19 and the media-manipulated illusion of the threat of COVID, as well as the threat of violence from anarchists, the Antifa revolutionaries, and the BLM terrorists are also in play in this election year. When one considers from where these self-evident threats have had the most exposure, it is easy to identify the mental manipulation of the MSM. The behavior of the American people is not only being manipulated by the MSM, however, as the people are still in the “lockdown realm” of Democrat and “Never Trumper” state and city oligarchies. This is the backstory and the ominous setting for the 2020 election.

The challenges to a free people, and to freedom are very real in 2020. The American citizens are confronted with perhaps the most significant election of their lives, no matter how old they are. As we are in the final approach to the election, a majority of Americans may not even have any clue about that. Many are not that politically astute, and because of these aforementioned factors, all of the “pre-existing” conditions, prove formidable to freedom itself in 2020. So, upon the threshold of the national election, America is now suspect of truly being a healthy Republic as many people actually think it is a democracy without knowing the difference. As far as stable “democracies” in the rest of the world, America is now looking more like a banana republic than a constitutional republic.

One political party, which has a history of willingness to break the law through the party’s use of terrorist organizations in maintaining political power is again resorting to such violent efforts as initiating “peaceful protests” against the police forces all across the country. For all those who call themselves Democrats, there should be public shame for supporting such a party. For all of those who are in the corporate world who are trying to buy “don’t blame me cards” to extinguish the false notion of “white privilege” or systemic racism by donating to a Marxist organization with an acceptable catch phrase of “Black Lives Matter,” there will be a price. Marxists do not like the corporate moguls who have their own set of manipulative endeavors to hide. Marxists, no matter what you may choose to call them, are still Marxists intent on the destruction of capitalism.

So, in 2020, the value of a citizen exercising one’s right to vote is not just as simple as casting a ballot. Sadly, many Americans, many Christians, or people of faith have never cast a ballot in any previous election. The numbers are shocking when truly examined. It was more excusable in happier times in which so many people felt confident with the “system” of the government that our foundational documents had secured. But when all people question the rule of the law, or when enforcing the law is not considered valuable in maintaining a civil society, then the civility of the society will erode. Thus, if the citizen will not stand for law and order by voting for the candidates who swear to uphold the rule of law, then the people will reap the government they deserve.

Never before in our history have citizens been presented with such a clear choice between the candidates who support the rule of law and adherence to the law versus those candidates who demonstrate non-compliance with the law, or who would support outright breaking the law regularly and eliminating the institution of law enforcement.

Voting in this year’s election should be a no-brainer for those who love freedom, those who support the Law of the Land, and those who are chosen to protect and defend the Constitution. Yet, it remains to be seen whether people can tear themselves away from their television sets, the virtual reality of the internet, or from their slumber.

In 1775, brilliant and brave men took a stand against the most powerful government, with the mightiest military on the planet. They stood their ground against incredible odds and against reasonable logic. They joined together with other patriots who yearned for freedom. Men and women of that day stood up to the tyranny of a government that would not guarantee the fundamental rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness to the American colonists. Today, all it will take to defeat those who seek to impose their party’s will over the people will be for brilliant and brave men and women to stand up to the powerful state and local government tyrants, by voting, by protecting the integrity of the right to vote, and protecting fair and fraudfree elections.

In 2020, all freedom-loving, law abiding, American citizens need to unite with one another in calling their family, friends, and trusted associates to vote, to work in the polling places, to pray over the polling places, to keep watch over the polling places, and to ensure the integrity of a free and fair election. There doesn’t need to be violent struggle, which is what the Marxists and their supporters are laboring for in this time. Terror-driven violence generates fear in the public, it drives people away from voting, it makes a mail-in ballot option attractive because one can vote from the “comfort of their homes.” And, after the ballot is sent off in the mail, is it not still a concern? Do citizens cast their ballots and forget them? Do they not want their ballots counted? Do they not want to have their voice considered?

Free and fair elections are the cornerstone of a Constitutional Republic, and they are not to be taken lightly if freedom is to endure, if the Republic can be retained. Citizens in this time need to turn off their electronic distractions, put aside their technological “security blankets” and rise up from their couches, and go beyond themselves to think of the future. Are citizens today so selfish, or self-centered that they could not simply go to cast a ballot? How much did our ancestors endure for the sake of a free Republic, or a civil society?

Americans who have the courage can still alter or abolish any form of government that is destructive of their rights and freedoms. They can still exercise their will through their votes on election day. It is not a matter of just casting their votes, but of exercising their will through active participation in the political process. Voters must reaffirm their desire to elect leaders to government offices who will be intent on guaranteeing the fundamental rights of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness—and preserving the right to vote in free and fair elections.

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