Are Democrats planning a new world order out of CoronaVirus chaos?

Are Democrats planning a new world order out of CoronaVirus chaos?

by Karen Hagestad Cacy Mar 13, 2020

COLORADO SPRINGS: One wonders.  Is the current chaos resulting from the pandemic called CoroniaVirus leading us down a path to an international “order,” commonly referred to as “world government?”  How may we come to terms with the political and worldwide ramifications of our current medical crisis?

One wants to believe the experts.  But there are so many experts, all dealing from different forums, with contradictory and countervailing motivations.  It is upon them that we all depend on for answers.  But clearly, with a demon such as this pesky virus, there is much still unknown, by experts and citizens alike.

In the end, we must muddle through as best we can.

The national mainstream media we cannot trust

The national media has become so unreliable in political matters these past few years, it’s difficult what direction to turn to. Especially when a worldwide disruption such as the CoronaVirus comes along.

But, is everything on the up and up?  Did China really only accidentally happen upon this killer of a virus?  If things are not quite so cut and dried, so very kosher as one might wish, should we ask,

“Who benefits from such a global pandemic?”

One dismal motivation jumps to mind.  Given the rise of populism across the globe, rulers who would impose order on those they rule are clearly worried.  International disruptions caused by terrorism and immigration, aided by poverty and failing governments are fueling the flames of chaos.

In America, for instance,  depending on one’s political views, on the right, there has been the Russia hoax, the Mueller election investigations and the failed impeachment attempt against President Trump. On the left, there have been two successive and successful attempts to bury the populist left contender (Sanders,) before burial has been indicated.

Global political establishments trying to curb these chaotic times.

The internet has only served to expand citizens’ universe of knowledge and an ensuing skepticism in our governments. Conditions that have been exacerbated by a duplicitous media.  It’s not difficult to discern the establishment’s outright hatred of the “common man” of late.

No longer do they hide their disdain for the ‘common citizen.”  They smell them at Walmart stores, they tell them they’re full of b*llsh*t to their faces when they question establishment policies, and they do so openly, without embarrassment or excuse.  The establishment, working only for itself, know best, after all.

What if?  What if the lessons learned over the centuries from successful despots and others who have “controlled” vast numbers of people through instigating chaos are now the Establishment’s last resort?  Or if pure evil is afoot?  Just asking.

Try these on for size:

“All great changes are preceded by chaos.”  – Deepak Chopra

“In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order.”  – Carl Jung

“Chaos is found in greatest abundance wherever order is being sought.  It always defeats order, because it is better organized.”  – Terry Pratchett

Did CoronaVirus escape a Chinese lab?

Might the world’s best-known and ancient society, China, known for order above all, known for control over its citizens “by any means necessary,”  (See Tiananmen Square, and other despotic Chinese actions,) have intentionally released a killer virus upon the world?

Might they, coming up against a strong American president, one who would defeat them economically, be willing to take him out and a few of their own dissident Chinese citizens in the measure? Was it a measure to tamp down the Hong Kong protests that got out of hand?

Consider the results of the reality of this virus so far:

  • Economic disruption
  • Pharmaceutical supply chain disruption
  • Interrupted deliveries of other life-supporting products
  • Chaos within the American electorate
  • Disruption of the American free-wheeling lifestyle and its next presidential election.

These are the consequences brought about by the sudden burgeoning of a killer germ courtesy of China.

One can but speculate as to who worldwide might benefit from such chaos.

But one would have to admit, in a world at war with itself, such a phenomenon would be a far cleverer means of creating chaos than some out-dated, infrastructure-destroying war.  Pandemic creates chaos quickly and effectively. It is far more subversive allowing the perpetrators might sit back and watch, then offer their own “order” over it all.

A pandemic does largely leave the physical world ripe for the picking over by the survivors.

The quote “Never let a good crisis go to waste” is often attributed first to Winston Churchill.  However, In 1976, M. F. Weiner wrote an article in the journal Medical Economics entitled “Don’t Waste a Crisis — Your Patient’s or Your Own.” that more aptly fits the present CoronaVirus Chaos.

Weiner’s meaning was clear.  Take from it what you will and use chaos to your advantage.  In Weiner’s use, it was the chance to take a health crisis like CoronaVirus and make positive changes to your mental and physical health. To get ahead of the curve and create your own control that a threatened populace might welcome with open arms.

With chaos such thoughts come to mind in the middle of the night.  Youngsters fear monsters in their closets.  Adults, some anyway, fear chaos, and what it has wrought throughout world history.  Are we bound to encounter the dire outcomes of much of history?  Or will this too pass, as silently as it has arrived?

No one yet knows.  But history tells us that like the pandemics before now, from ebola to Zika, this too shall pass.


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