Are we playing roulette with the vaccine?

Are we playing roulette with the vaccine?

By Jack Gleason – 2/4/2021

The new vaccine has been approved for emergency use and is being rolled out across the world. The Big Tech entrepreneurs, our Democrat leaders, the media, scientists, and doctors are promoting the shot like a movie premier and the Super Bowl.

Should we should get in line and roll up our sleeves?

Do we trust these people with our lives? Or are we playing roulette with our families’ health?

The big tech entrepreneurs were supposed to provide a good service at a fair price, and we find they have a hidden social agenda. We now see that our political leaders are only interested in power and making money for themselves. Our judges, who are supposed to step in and give impartial rulings when power is abused, were completely silent. And the news media blatantly lie.

Worst of all, the people we rely on to protect our very lives – our scientists and doctors – seem to be as corrupt as the rest. When we first learned of the Wuhan Virus, we looked to them to tell us what was going on and what to do. We were told that all we needed to do was stay home for a couple of weeks and it would be all over. That was 326 days ago.

President Trump listened to the doctors and scientists and began an unprecedented campaign to fight the virus and save lives at all costs. They told him we had a ventilator shortage so he used emergency powers to get them manufactured. After the first fifteen days, they said we needed to continue the lockdown, so he approved it. They said we needed vaccines, so he eliminated red tape and spent billions to produce them in record time.

Whenever the scientists and doctors changed their minds, Trump weighed their arguments and went along. When he learned about hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and other effective treatments that dramatically improved survivability, Big Pharma, the scientists and the Democrats screamed like scalded cats. An inexpensive drug that had been used safely billions of times for over sixty years was suddenly branded as dangerous and pulled off the market. Physicians wanting to prescribe HCQ were threatened, blacklisted and fired.

This was our first blatant case of media censorship. The video of “America’s Front Line Doctors” (AFLDs) on the steps of the Supreme Court got over 20 million views until it was completely scrubbed from the Internet. Every participating doctor was vilified and many were fired from their jobs, simply for suggesting there might be a way to save hundreds of thousands of lives.

In our former world, we would have listened to what these doctors said and looked into their recommendations. We would have done proper scientific studies and let the results determine our next steps. Instead President Trump’s tweets about HCQ were slapped with warning labels and then deleted. “Studies” were quickly trotted out showing that HCQ was unsafe and didn’t help with COVID.

The fact that these studies were quickly debunked and had to be retracted was ignored. Scientific studies by the respected Henry Ford Medical Center and others showing its effectiveness were ignored.

The question is “Why?” Could it be as simple as the fact that the vaccines that were being rushed into production can only be given “Emergency Use” status if there were no other effective treatments available?

Were these gross violations of free speech and an abandonment of the scientific method simply so big Pharma could get an economic windfall? If there are effective treatments including HCQ, that means that hundreds of thousands of Americans, and more across the world, have died needlessly, and our economy has been destroyed for no reason.

Should we be rolling up our sleeves for the shot?

The rules for safety in a vaccine must be more stringent than a treatment for one simple reason – a bad reaction to a treatment might impact a million patients, but a bad reaction to a vaccine might impact 350 million.

For that one reason, for a disease with such low lethality, the emphasis should be on isolating those most at risk while finding effective treatment regimens, especially since recovered patients are considered to be immune to the virus thereafter.

In a recent speech by one of the original Front Line Doctors, Dr. Simone Gold shared their scientific studies and practical concerns about the vaccine’s safety and effectiveness. Once again, the long knives came out and she was vilified. It is widely reported that she participated in the “Capitol Hill Riot.”

Yes, she was there – to give a speech about her concerns with the vaccine. Yes, she went into the building and gave another impromptu speech. But there is no reason to believe that she was there to do harm, she was trying to bring attention to hundreds of thousands of needless deaths.

Everyone who attended the peaceful protest is being branded as “radical, racist, and violent rioter.” Their online lives are being erased and many have lost their jobs and their businesses. This means that anything Dr. Gold has to say can be ignored as the rantings of a right-wing radical.

But facts are stubborn things, and when our entire country is at risk, we need to look at them, regardless of the speaker.

Dr. Gold’s speech, “The truth about the CV 19 vaccine,” can be found here. Some key points are summarized below, click the links to see that part of her presentation.

1:30 Government agencies have been lying to the public and the NIH says there’s no treatment for COVID.

2:40 Senate testimony stated that most COVID deaths were preventable.

3:30 There is a history of COVID disinformation, including the name of the virus.

4:50 HCQ has been suppressed as a treatment.

14:00 A history of Dr. Gold’s efforts to get HCQ to the public.

AFLDs has set up a system where tele-medicine doctors can prescribe it for you. Link here.

16:48 Survival rates for COVID with no treatment…

  • Under 20 – 99.997%.
  • 20-49 – 99.98%
  • 50-69 – 99.5%
  • over 70 – near 95%.
  • With simple treatment, the rates are better.

17:53 The people who die are mostly at the end of their lives.

21:00 The Lancet Journal study about the harmful effects of HCQ was retracted.

23:00 The vaccines are in the “experimental-investigational stage.” They use new, unproven MRNA technology.

24:20 Previous coronavirus SARS-COV1 vaccines have failed.

25:40 One possible serious complication is “Antibody dependent enhancement” and may cause vaccine recipients’ immune systems to overreact when exposed to the virus.

27:50 Potential fertility problems haven’t been investigated.

30:20 Pharmaceutical companies have been given immunity for all liability.

31:20 There is no proof that the vaccine stops virus transmission. reduces mortality or how long it lasts. It might make people who took the vaccine test positive for C19.

33:50 There are serious national security implications of giving an unproven vaccine to millions of healthy people that may cause sudden death, especially to doctors, nurses and military.

43:55 There are no racial differences in mortality, instead it is based on prior health conditions and crowding. Africa has the lowest mortality of all.

47:20 AFLDs official recommendations…

Under 20 – “Because of fertility concerns, low risk from the disease and unknown risks from the vaccine, accepting the vaccine is “prohibited.”

20-70 and healthy – “Strongly discouraged.”

50-70 with pre-existing conditions – “Discouraged” because the vaccine may be more dangerous than COVID when given proper early treatment.

For healthy people 70 and above, and for people with pre-existing conditions in nursing homes. – “Use your discretion.”

51:00 AFLDs plans to fight vaccine mandates not just from governments, but from employers, schools, and travel – particularly airlines. They plan to talk with the airline CEOs and present them with a petition with a million signatures saying they will not do business with any company that mandates vaccines.


A group at did a fact check on her speech.

Their conclusions were as follows…

  • Hydroxychloroquine is a safe drug. TRUE
  • Hydroxychloroquine is effective in treating and preventing SARS-CoV-2. POSSIBLY TRUE
  • COVID-19 vaccines are in an investigational stage and are “experimental biological agents.” TRUE
  • Antibody Dependent Enhancement can make COVID-19 worse in patients. FALSE, NO PROOF YET.
  • The vaccine manufacturers are immune from all liability of any adverse side effects from use of COVID-19 vaccines. TRUE
  • The COVID-19 Vaccine may cause fertility problems. UNKNOWN
  • There is no proof that the COVID-19 vaccines stop transmission of the virus. TRUE


So what are we to conclude about taking the vaccine?

It’s clear that the vaccines are unproven, new technology. Any single one of the dangers that Dr. Gold is considering is enough to cause a rational person under 70 to say “Not now.” People should check with their doctor and see what kind of treatments are available if they were to contract the disease, and if they don’t get a satisfactory answer, find another doctor!

If you’re over 70 and have significant health conditions, use your discretion.


The real question may be even more important. “Why are the vaccines being forced on the American public?” We see publicity campaigns designed to both frighten and threaten Americans. Can we trust our lives to the motives of our government leaders and the pharmaceutical industries?

We now hear that there are new strains of the virus and we’re not sure if the current vaccines would be effective. We also don’t know how long the vaccines would work or how often we would need to take them.

Ask yourself, “If the worst was true, and the vaccines caused either sterility in women, or sudden death from an overstimulated immune system, what would happen to our country?” We would lose many of our first responders and military, and many of our citizens would become sterile. It makes no sense to choose an unproven vaccine over a simple malaria drug (and other treatments) that have shown many positive results.

A petition is being circulated by AFLDs to demand that the vaccines not be made mandatory or a condition for employment or airline travel and signers pledge to “actively blacklist and boycott any business, employer, or school that mandates or otherwise attempts to force a vaccine.”

Go to the petition here.

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