Attack on America: AG Barr leading us back to a country of laws

Attack on America: AG Barr leading us back to a country of laws

written by Karen Hagestad Cacy May 5, 2019

COLORADO SPRINGS: On occasion, various lawmakers and newscasters opine about Washington rancor. “Can’t everyone settle down and get along better?” “Why won’t legislators cross the aisle and accommodate one another?” Others, mostly young people engrossed in the techno-world, note the march of time since the founding of America.

They question the efficacy of a constitution that goes back to its signing on September 17, 1787. How can the country still run on restrictions contained in a document so old? After all, the world today bears little resemblance to the eighteen hundred’s.

This argument increasingly is used as justification to alter or altogether toss out the founding document. It’s no longer relevant.

Criticisms of the Constitution among Democrats is growing.

Two generations of Americans raised on politically correct speech and the benefits of communalism over individualism, are what led to the former president, Barack Obama and his acolytes wishing to “fundamentally change America.”

With new age technology, globalist agendas, and the shibboleth of “global warming,” these American political activist warriors demand change because of their basic misunderstanding of the country’s founding.

They overlook or were never were made aware of the sheer genius of the US Constitution.

They see not the timelessness of what the founders saw. The founders were not trying to curb men’s spirits and activities.

The Constitution is written in order to curb the government’s hold over a free people.

Coming as they did from a restrictive British monarchy, the founders yearned for individual liberty. They were only too aware of the dangers of a totalitarian government. A government lording over its citizens. As a result, in the Constitution, the founders sought to restrict government power.

They sought to make it bloody difficult for the few to command the many.

The restrictions embodied in their carefully worded document sought to curb man’s baser instincts. The message may be simplified by the determination to leave people alone. Live and let live. Citizens were trusted to follow the laws of the country and to do no harm to others.

The Electoral College – securing individual security

Hence, we have the Electoral College, that allows every state a say in how the nation is governed. Under this system, populous areas such as New York, California or Illinois, with larger populations may not completely control the entire country.

Under the two-tiered system of popular and electoral votes, candidates must appeal to voters outside large cities. They must obtain the votes in the so-called flyover states.

The result of this system is it stops dead the ability for one party to become tyrants over the whole of the United States.

It ensures that America is led by two political systems, if not more.  That not one ideology will fundamentally change America to the benefit of a party that would enslave the citizenry.

Innocent until proven guilty – a right being eroded

Under the Constitution’s judicial system, a man need not prove himself innocent of a crime.  The burden of proof is upon the legal system. Yet lately, Washington politics have become so polarized and mean spirited. The louder one group yells, the less believable another is. In a fulsome media, men, and women are now guilty, unless proven otherwise.

The Mueller Investigation – The greatest political crime in America’s History

What was the underlying crime that led to endless claims and investigations, not to mention spying on a duly elected president? As the country emerges from the fog of the Mueller investigation of the president and his team, many, led by Attorney General Barr, are left to wonder, “How did it all begin?”

One is reminded of the old Soviet system of law enforcement. When Joseph Stalin’s head of Secret Police, Lavrentiy Pavlovich Beria, famously says, “Show me the man and I will show you the crime.”

Should it prove true that investigators in America’s secret services based their actions these past two years against the president on a tissue of lies, how close did this country come to an old-fashioned banana republic coup? Since when has it become legal in America to search through a man’s – any man’s – private affairs searching for a crime?

But this is exactly what the Muller Investigation then, and Democrat leaders making demands for the President’s tax returns now, did.  Leaders like Jerry Nadler are seeing the crime to fit the Democrats narrative.

And when did it become accepted practice for police to break down a man’s door in the pre-dawn, guns drawn, over a white- collar crime? Was not one memorable abuse of justice, “Kristallnacht,” enough already?! Where is it written that officers of the law could scare a man’s deaf wife?  Or threaten to shoot his dog defending the home?

We see this in the arrest of people like Roger Stone, as well as the many stories Americans can tell.

Is America still a free nation?

Or is the steady usurpation of our freedom of speech, freedom of commerce, freedom of affiliation, and freedom to vote for a president of our choice robbing us of our long-held constitutional protections?

The political landscape is divisive. So what? It was meant to be divisive, lest one group or tyrannical person be allowed to “fundamentally change America” from a country of liberty to a country under the yoke of tyranny.

Look beyond the man in question, President Donald J. Trump. Look to the heritage of virtue, morality and careful law that heretofore has rendered our nation free.

The country must return to its roots. Presidential coups are intolerable. An unruly out of control secret police cannot prevail. For our freedoms, continue to look to the Constitution, the greatest document that was ever written.

The individual must be lauded, not hunted. Look always to the law because it will never steer us wrong.

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