Bad Billionaires

Bad Billionaires

By Michael J. Lewinski   02/22/20

We have some very bad people with a lot of money who are doing evil things. George Soros provided funding to attorney general candidates who are up to no good. Mike Bloomberg, through his philanthropic organization, provided grants to New York University’s law school to influence the public in different states through their attorneys’ general offices.

Many of the attorneys general George Soros helped to elect have told authorities to stop enforcing selective laws and downgraded others from felonies to misdemeanors. Many of these laws impact the quality of life of the community, enabling the homeless and others to urinate in public and get high.

As bad as this is, presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg has inflicted much more damage to the American community. The grants to New York University’s law school pays lawyers several years of wages to serve in states of progressive attorneys general.

And what, you might ask, do these Progressive lawyers do? I’m glad you asked. These Progressive lawyers sue the Trump administration. They are engaged in climate-based litigation. This amounts to Mike Bloomberg buying state law enforcement employees to advance his agenda.

These AG’s offices are located in Washington, D.C., Delaware, Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland, Minnesota, New Mexico, New York and Oregon. The attorneys general are all Democrats. Bloomberg knows no Republican AG would take them.

Their goal is to retard climate change and to advance environmental legal positions and progressive clean energy. Senator Elizabeth Warren is, ideologically, Bernie Sanders’s twin sister. Former New York City mayor Mike Bloomberg holds the Left’s prescriptions — from anti-global warming to aggressive gun control measures to advocating new carbon taxes and steep tax hikes. He is for subsided abortion on demand up to the natural delivery.

He’s no different than Mayor Pete and the other Progressive candidates. To stop them you have to vote for President Trump. Also support him in taking back the House by voting for Hoosier Conservative candidates. If you are in other states, you can vote for Conservative candidates in the House and Senate.

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