Bernie Sanders and the Left’s Demand to Defund the Police

Bernie Sanders and the Left’s Demand to Defund the Police

By Def Con News – 6/7/2020

When local and state governments, as well as police departments, were enforcing unconstitutional coronavirus lockdown orders, Democrats supported stripping Americans of their rights because they want to tank the economy to get rid of President Trump. Now that local and state governments as well as police departments are enforcing constitutional anti-looting and rioting laws, suddenly Democrats are screaming that Americans’ rights are being violated. Bernie Sanders is demanding that police agencies, which don’t let people burn cities down, be defunded.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t read a Bernie tweet without hearing his stupid voice in my head. It also doesn’t help that what he tweets is just as stupid as what he says:

Bernie Sanders


Every police department violating people’s civil rights must be stripped of federal funding.

Funny, Bernie wasn’t concerned with police violating civil rights when they were arresting people for paddle boarding, playing at a park, or styling hair. With this tweet, Bernie is saying that people don’t have a right to earn a living or enjoy public spaces, but they do have a right to loot and burn businesses. Like everything else, he’s wrong.

I will agree with Bernie that police agencies that violate genuine rights of Americans should be defunded. Every state and local police agency that enforces unconstitutional gun control laws should be cut off. I’m 100% certain Bernie didn’t mean it that way because he’s a leftist, but he is technically correct.

This is the new rallying cry on the left BTW. Everyone whose anyone in anti-Americanism is calling for the police to be defunded. That’s what all those destroying our cities are demanding and that’s what ex-Hillary Clinton spokesman Brian Fallon wants as well.

Obviously defunding the police is a stupid idea, which means Los Angeles is all over it.  Mayor Eric Garcetti, who has been taking a knee with protesters and letting them destroy LA, has announced a massive cut to the LAPD. KTLA reports:

Los Angeles City Council members on Wednesday introduced a motion to cut up to $150 million in funding to the L.A. Police Department.

Council President Nury Martinez and council members Herb Wesson, Curren Price and Monica Rodriguez introduced the legislation to re-prioritize public safety funds, reinvesting them in other services, including those “to uplift disenfranchised communities.”

We need to rethink what it is that makes people safer and makes communities stronger… there is no doubt that communities of color suffer disproportionally from negatives interactions with police,” reads the motion.

L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti on Wednesday said that in light of the recent unrest over police brutality and Floyd’s death, he will not increase funding for the LAPD.

How could we?” Garcetti said.

Instead, Garcetti announced during a briefing that he has identified $250 million from the city’s budget that will be invested in jobs, health, education and healing focused in L.A.’s black community. He explained that cuts will be made in every department, including the LAPD.

We all have to step up and say ‘what can we sacrifice?’” Garcetti said.

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