Bernie’s Immigration Plan: Open Borders, Abolish ICE, Destroy America

Bernie’s Immigration Plan: Open Borders, Abolish ICE, Destroy America

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Wealthy communist Bernie Sanders is running for president so he can destroy this country with his socialist policies, but he just figured out a quicker route to our destruction. The 2020 part-time Democratic party candidate released his immigration policy, which includes open borders, amnesty, unlimited immigration and abolishing ICE. If he were to implement this immigration plan, there would be a giant smoking crater where America used to be long before all of his socialism bombs could detonate.

Bernie announced his plan to undo President Trump’s immigration policies, which are exactly the same as former President Obama’s because they are based on existing immigration law. Bernie never had a problem with Obama, but according to him, Trump is the second-coming of Hitler:

We now have a president who is a racist, a xenophobe, and a demagogue. He has tried, as all demagogues do, to divide us by demonizing immigrants and blaming them for society’s problems. He has used hateful and disgusting rhetoric to try to dehumanize an entire group of people, and he has used the power of the federal government to mistreat and terrorize immigrants at the border and in our communities. We must stand together with our immigrant friends and neighbors and stand up to President Trump’s xenophobic words and actions.

How exactly do “we” stand up to a President who is enforcing the law, which is literally his job, and re-humanize criminal scumbags who rape and kill Americans? The short answer is by wiping the United States off the face of the Earth.

The long answer is like this:


Immediately extend legal status to the 1.8 million young people currently eligible for the DACA program, and provide administrative relief to their parents, those with Temporary Protected Status, and parents of legal permanent residents.

Use executive authority to allow undocumented immigrants who have resided in the United States for five or more years to stay here free from the threat of deportation.

Use advance parole to reunite families that have been ripped apart by deportation policies and provide for and return unjustly deported service members.

…use hardship waivers to remove barriers to green cards and citizenship for as many eligible cases as possible.

Push Congress to enact a swift, fair pathway to citizenship for the 11 million unauthorized immigrants currently living, working, and contributing in America today.

Decriminalize illegal immigration:

Repeal 8 U.S. Code Section 1325, putting border crossings on par with other forms of immigration violations, such as overstaying a visa.

Ensure that old or low-level contacts with the criminal justice system, such as marijuana possession, do not automatically prevent undocumented immigrants from attaining citizenship.

Repeal three- and ten-year bars.

End permanent deportation.

End expedited removal.

End mandatory detention.

Put a moratorium on deportations until a thorough audit of current and past practices and policies is complete.

Open borders:

Stop all construction of the racist and ineffective wall on the U.S.-Mexico Border and instead rely on cost-effective and innovative methods to counter the real threats of drug importation and human trafficking, not manufactured ones targeting the most vulnerable.

Unlimited immigration:

Lift President Trump’s refugee caps and live up to our nation’s ideals and international law by welcoming those displaced from their homes.

Create a new program to welcome migrants displaced by climate change and set a floor of accepting at least 50,000 climate migrants in his first year in office.

Plus free stuff for the hundreds of millions of “new Americans”:

Enact Medicare for All, which will address racial and other disparities in health care and provide comprehensive care to everyone in America, regardless of immigration status.

Enact College for All, which will make public colleges and universities tuition and debt-free to all regardless of immigration status, and provide first-generation and minority student supports and services needed to end equity gaps in higher education attainment.

Provide year-round, free universal school meals; breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks through our school meals programs to all students regardless of immigration status, and offer incentives for sourcing food from local sources.

Pass a permanent repeal of the public charge statute, so we do not penalize immigrants who at some point may need to access support programs such as Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

And abolish ICE:

Break up ICE and CBP and redistribute their functions to their proper authorities.

That’s a lot to take in and there’s actually much more, but the bottom line is this: There would be no physical barrier on our Southern border and nobody to stop anyone from entering the country. There would also be nobody to arrest illegal aliens once they get in, but it wouldn’t matter since illegal immigration would be decriminalized. Besides the lack of immigration enforcement drawing third-world scumbags here, Bernie’s “free money” give-away would act as a magnet, drawing literally hundreds of millions of non-English speaking losers.

We could complain about who’s going to pay for all of this, but that wouldn’t be an issue since this influx of immigrants would cause the collapse of the United States. There’d be no more country, no more money, no more anything. It’d be Somalia with better weather.


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