Beto O’Rourke Says Mass Shooters Will Voluntarily Turn In Their Assault Weapons

Beto O’Rourke Says Mass Shooters Will Voluntarily Turn In Their Assault Weapons

DefCon News 10/17/19

Democratic candidate Beto O’Rourke has a plan to ban and confiscate semi-automatic rifles that he claims are “assault weapons” and “weapons of war.” There are a lot of Constitutional barriers to this plan but what most people want to know is how would he enforce this. Will he send cops or the military to take these legally-owned weapons away from law-abiding Americans? Beto is unclear on this, but he does believe that criminals and even mass shooters will voluntarily surrender their firearms.

Shock: CNN’s Camerota calls out Beto — “you expect mass shooters to follow the law?”

“Mass shooters by definition don’t follow the law.”

After declaring, “Hell yes we’re going to take your AR-15” at the 3rd democratic debate, the slacker doofus conceded in the 4th debate that people who refuse to turn in their guns might get a visa from law enforcement. O’Rourke went on CNN Wednesday to clarify his gun confiscation plan and things did not go well.

“I expect my fellow Americans to follow the law,” said O’Rourke.

“You expect mass shooters to follow the law?” Alisyn Camerota asked incredulously.

Now wait for it…

“Our fellow Americans will follow the law. Yes,” replied O’Rourke with a straight face.

If people who commit mass shootings are so willing to obey the law, why doesn’t Beta O’Dork propose making mass shootings illegal?

“But mass shooters, in Parkland, in El Paso, I could go on for ten minutes — they don’t follow the law, by definition,” said Camerota.

Good point. I wonder how Beto will respond.

“There are so many instances where the proposals that we made, whether it is a universal background check, or a red flag law, or ending the sale of weapons of war, or buying those that are out there back, would have stopped many of the shootings that we see in a country that loses 40,000 people a year to gun violence,” O’Rourke said.

So he’s claiming that are many instances were his gun control proposals, which are not the law, have stopped shootings? How in the hell does that work? Also, of the 40,000 people he claims die ever year to “gun violence,” how many are murdered by killers with AR-15s?

Beto obviously didn’t answer the question of why he thinks killers and mass shooters will turn in their firearms but he did add that just because his proposal won’t work is no excuse for, “not taking action now.” Yeah, actually it is.

Weirdly, because this is CNN, Camerota was not willing to let O’Rourke off the hook on his ridiculous position.

“It doesn’t make sense that people are going to hand over their assault weapons if they are mass shooters, if they want to do harm people, they’re not going to follow the law,” said Camerota.

Yet another solid point. Let’s see where Beto goes with it:

“Yes, if somebody has an assault weapon, a weapon of war, and poses a danger to people in their lives, people in their community, people in our lives, then we’re going to stop them,” said O’Rourke.

Camerota could see that she wasn’t going to get an answer on this, so she switched it up a bit and asked if O’Rourke would go door-to-door taking people’s guns away.

“If somebody doesn’t voluntarily hand over their assault weapon, you’re going to go to their house and then what?” Camerota asked.

Now wait for it…

“If we pass this law then I expect our fellow Americans to follow the law,” said O’Rourke.

What is this guy smoking? The entire point of cops, courts, and jails are because too many people do not obey the law. If everyone followed the law the word “crime” wouldn’t exist in the English language. Why does O’Rourke think that people will suddenly start respecting the law with his illegal and unconstitutional gun confiscation scheme?

This is actually an important moment in television history: Beto O’Rourke said something so insanely stupid that even CNN, liberal cheerleaders and propaganda arm of the democratic party, thinks he’s an idiot.

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