Betrayed by Social Media – Learn How to Fight Back

Betrayed by Social Media – Learn How to Fight Back

By Don Rosenberg – 9/17/2020

The Internet and social media have been a boon to modern life. Search engines give us instant information on every possible subject, and social media allow us to reconnect with old friends and make new ones.

As the number of users of social media have swelled, so have the heads of the leaders of the social media platforms. They sense the power they control and it has turned them into tyrants. They think they are so smart they should determine our country’s and our planet’s future, but they are so stupid that they think they can manipulate us undetected and unpunished.

Like the audacity of NFL players thinking if they can throw a football 80 yards it means their political opinions are important, social media and websites are simply programs that run on servers, and their betrayal means they will be replaced, no matter how big they are today. Remember MySpace? In 2007 they had 100 million users per month and were valued at $12 billion.

In a sampling of ninety groups supporting President Trump, Christianity, gun rights, and individual liberties, nine groups, with members totaling over 300,000, have recently been deleted from Facebook. This is the early result of an organized campaign by Facebook to use “fact checkers” and ever-restrictive policies as an excuse to silence conservative speech.

Other similar groups have been warned to keep their members from posting “fake news” or anything that can be interpreted as “hate speech” or they will have their groups taken down without notice and without recourse. With an average of 35,000 members in each group, it’s almost impossible to screen every post, and a group with a few “trolls” posting blatant negative comment can be shut down very quickly. As the election gets closer, more and more groups will be deleted, depriving millions of Americans of a vital way to communicate and organize.

Google has become particularly sinister. They deny it, but whistleblowers have confirmed that they regularly slant results so the top results favor liberals and punish conservatives. With 46 billion searches a day, their power is so massive that even something as simple as a voting reminder on election day can give an edge to liberal candidates. Others have calculated that biased search results can sway undecided voters by as much as 20%.

YouTube is actually the second-most used search engine in the world. It also skews search results and takes down videos deemed to be politically incorrect.

Twitter has been exposed for “shadow-banning” conservative users. They don’t delete their accounts, they just “throttle back” their posts so that they lose 98% of their tweet views. Twitter, under the guise of “fact-checking” has censored President Trump’s tweets, and placed warnings on his messages.


This all came into clear focus when a video was released of the infamous press conference of the “Front Line Doctors” promoting hydroxychloroquine as a successful treatment for COVID-19. After 17 million views on YouTube the video was deleted and scrubbed everywhere it was found. Facebook also deleted it and anywhere it was mentioned it was slapped with a fact-check warning. Google the phrase “front line doctors” today and you’re presented with a gaggle of articles and videos that call them “outrageous,” “dangerous,” “misleading,” “false,” and “dubious.”

Why did a simple press conference discussing a possible 50¢ treatment for the most impactful disease in 100 years elicit such an overwhelming response? Could a coalition of Big Pharma wanting to make billions on cures and vaccines, and globalists wanting to use the COVID crisis as a way to ruin President Trump’s election chances in November be the reason?

The social media giants have made it very clear that they intend to do everything possible to get Trump out of office. Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook has a team of thousands of workers manually reviewing groups for “misinformation and harmful content.” He has announced his plan to ban new Facebook ads in the week prior to Election day, which means outrageous last-minute claims can’t be refuted, and he will be limiting forwarding of “rumors” that might go viral. Most importantly, Facebook will be censoring any posts after the polls are closed claiming that Trump has won, “preparing” voters to wait while all the “mail-in” ballots are counted.

Google will continue to skew search results, YouTube will continue to censor videos, and Twitter will continue to delete tweets and shadow-ban conservatives. Their aim is to drag Joe Biden across the finish line by encouraging liberal votes, discouraging conservative votes, swaying undecided voters with misinformation, and legitimizing fraudulent mail-in vote results.

Their goal is to support the AOC, Black Lives Matter, globalist agenda of gaining control of the United States – permanently. Once they are in power, the Democrats have announced their plans to keep control forever. In a nutshell, they will end the Senate filibuster, “pack” the Supreme Court with extra liberal judges, add four liberal members to the Senate by giving statehood to Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico, legalize all aliens and give them the right to vote, and permanently end fair elections by mandating mail-in voting with zero security safeguards.

Here is the Democrat end game. On November 3rd, Trump will win in a landslide, but as the mail-in votes are tallied, extra votes will be “found” in swing states, tipping the election to Biden. Trump will cry foul and they will muzzle him by closing his Twitter account and presenting only the Democrat talking points on mainstream media. Amidst Portland and Seattle-style riots in Washington, D.C. and throughout the rest of the country, as January 20th approaches, they will try to have him removed from the White House.

Anyone who disagrees will have their accounts deleted and their gmail accounts will be closed.


How do we fight back?

First, we need uncensored ways to communicate.

Our Facebook accounts and groups are in danger of being deleted – we need to go elsewhere. has over six million users and many conservative groups. is a free alternative to the Google search engine. It “fetches” your date from a wide variety of sources for more neutral results. is another search engine that ensures privacy while searching. is a free site for posting videos.


Second, we must become poll workers and be ready to record and report fraud. States are desperate for workers this year and you get paid for your time. Go to and click your state on the map. Then look for options such as “Become a Poll Worker” or “State Elections Office.” Each state is different so you might need to click several links to volunteer.


Third, we need to do everything we can to encourage Christians and conservatives to vote. takes people to neutral websites where they can learn how to register and vote and get voting reminders. Simply reminding people to vote can actually increase turnout by up to 3%.

Add the icon and link to every website or social media group you manage, as well as attaching it to the signature line of every newsletter and email you send out. Millions of messages are sent every day and millions more conservatives and Christians visit conservative groups and websites.

Finally, share this article with your friends. Many people are so busy dealing with kids at home and financial issues due to the COVID “crisis” they don’t have time to understand what’s happening to our country and the danger we are facing. Go here if you’d like to join a team of Facebook Warriors to spread the word.

If we don’t act immediately, November 3rd will be our last free election.

Spread the word. Share this post!

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