By Michael J. Lewinski  06/08/10

Recently, Senator Rand Paul introduced the Pennies Plan which was defeated in a cloture vote. It wasn’t even close as 25 Republicans joined with Democrats to defeat the measure.

The Pennies Plan would have “slowed the growth of federal spending to 18.2% over ten years” and “would expressly protect Social Security, include instructions to make the individual income tax reforms passed by President Trump permanent, and expand access to Health Savings Accounts.”

The “Pennies Plan,” introduced by Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY,) was defeated by a 22-69 vote. All 22 votes in favor came from Republicans, with 25 Republicans joining Democrats to block it. According to the American Action News staff who produced this article, this is the ‘swamp’ in action!

We have some bad guys on the Republican side, not to mention the Progressive Socialist Democrats who are betraying us. Who are they and where do they come from? Senators Blunt (Missouri); Boozman (Arkansas); Burr (North Carolina); Cassidy (Louisiana), Collins (Maine), Cotton (Arkansas), Cramer (North Dakota); Enzi (Wyoming); Gardner (Colorado); Graham (South Carolina); Hawley (Montana); Hoeven (North Dakota); Inhofe (Oklahoma); Johnson (Wisconsin); McConnell (Kentucky); McSally (Arizona); Murkowski (Alaska); Portman (Ohio); Roberts (Kansas); Rounds (South Dakota); and Rubio (Florida). It’s a sad day when more than half of the Republicans show their colors as swamp creatures.

Can you imagine these elitists not supporting a plan with all of these benefits because it only allows for the growth of federal spending to 18.2% over ten years? Those who voted against the Pennies Plan are quite comfortable sacrificing our futures for the power and money they benefit from by maintaining the status quo. They are, after all, narcissists who do not care about you or me or our families, but only their own self-interests.

What can we do about this? Send money to Conservative Republicans and Democrats who are challenging those who voted against Paul’s plan. Contact those you know who are being challenged and encourage them to vote and work for Conservative alternatives who can return our country to us. This is not an optional exercise for anyone of us. And pray for God’s mercy.

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