Biden Administration Finally Gets Around To Blaming Trump For Supply Chain Crisis

Cargo ships are stacked up at our ports, trains are backed up for miles, and there’s no truckers to deliver goods to stores. All of this adds up to empty store shelves, high gas prices, and surging inflation. This isn’t something that’s been going on for years, it’s a recent development. That being said, here’s a tweet from White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain


Inherited? He misspelled “created.”

Was there a supply chain issue last year when Trump was president? Was there runaway inflation last year when Trump was president? No. This is a Joe problem, just like all the others they blame on Trump.

This tweet is extra bullshitty because Klain claims they are tackling the issue, which they are not. Biden gave a speech yesterday in which he said he ordered the Port of Los Angeles to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help ease the congestion. The truth of the matter is, and it’s in the NYT article Klain tweeted, the Port of Los Angeles has been operating 24/7 for weeks now and it hasn’t done shit to improve the ship congestion.

In another sign that the Biden White House isn’t taking responsibility for the supply chain mess, Ron Klain went full-Marie Antionette with this other tweet:


So working class people paying through the ass for food, gas, and housing are high-class problems? This is “let them eat cake” with a smarmy liberal twist.

Joe Biden signed a bunch of executive orders that opened the border and stopped immigration enforcement in this country. He also personally invited third world scumbags to storm our boarder and then tried to blame Trump for the immigration crisis he created.

Biden blamed Trump for his badly botched Afghanistan troop withdrawal as well, even though Joe used his own plan, which was a catastrophe. He also rejected advise from the Pentagon, which was inline with how Trump was going to get the troops out but somehow it was the previous administration’s fault.

Joe cancelled the Keystone pipeline and nixed drilling leases on federal land, creating higher gas prices, but somehow said it was Trump’s fault.

Biden claimed he was going to knock COIVID-19 out on “day one” and when that didn’t happen, he blamed Trump.

Now he’s blaming Trump for the supply chain crisis despite the fact that he put an unqualified person in Pete Buttigieg in charge of transportation, for no other reason than he is gay.

Biden didn’t inherit any of these problems, he created them.

What Biden did inherit from Trump was a secure border, energy independence, a COVID-19 vaccine, a pacified Afghanistan, and an economy poised to rebound. He f***ed every last one of those things up in 9 short months.

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