Biden Is Already Taking His Marching Orders From Socialist AOC And Her ‘Loon Squad’

Biden Is Already Taking His Marching Orders From Socialist AOC And Her ‘Loon Squad’

By Def-Con News – 11/19/20

On the campaign trail, Joe Biden tried to laugh off that he was in any way considering Socialist programs should he win the election. The liberal media has declared him the winner of the election and, before the results are even settled, he’s already taking his marching orders from Socialists like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her Squad. Who’s shocked a Democrat lied about something?

AOC and her squadmates thinks its awful that people have to live with their personal decisions, so they are pushing to have taxpayers pick up the tab for students who took out loans to get degrees in gender studies:

“Over 99% of applicants to the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program have been rejected. Yet the Trump administration blocked the CFPB from trying to fix the program. We’re holding back people’s dreams with red tape and mountains of debt. It’s time to cancel all student debt.”

— Ilhan Omar (@IlhanMN) October 18, 2019

“Student debt cancellation is a racial justice issue.”

— Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley (@RepPressley) November 16, 2020

“Student loan forgiveness is good, actually.”

— Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (@AOC) November 16, 2020

And just like that, Biden is going to cancel student debt and give “free” college:

@JoeBiden. laid out his plans to help students, including:

– immediate $10,000 forgiveness of student loans,
– double Pell Grants,
– free education for anyone making under $125,000 for four-year college,
– forgive student loans for those in public service

— Vote Saved America (@votesaveamerica) November 16, 2020

And it gets worse. The Socialism Squad backs the Green New Deal, which would bankrupt the country, turn us into a Socialist wasteland and kill all of the gaseous cows to fight the mythical beast known as Climate Change.

“Environmental justice isn’t only about climate change – it’s also about just quality of air, of water, of food.

We can honor frontline communities, create a ton of good jobs, stem climate change, & fix our infrastructure.

That’s what a Green New Deal is all about.”

— Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (@AOC) December 1, 2018

Why join #TeamIlhan?

Our campaign has stood strong on environmental justice prioritizing renewable energy, transitioning into a green economy, and creating zero-waste communities—all while centering those most impacted by policy. Read up on our plan →

— Ilhan Omar (@IlhanMN) August 14, 2018

Blacks with highest rates of asthma, climate justice is a racial justice issue. I could go on, the point is, the question was not what are your legislative priorities, what do you want to see writ large, it was about actions that can be taken Day 1, that is not reparations.

— Ayanna Pressley (@AyannaPressley) November 13, 2020

And just like that, Biden, promised AOC a great deal of money to make this dream a reality:

.@RepAOC @AOC: “We have worked with the Biden Administration to secure commitment on a $2 trillion climate plan.”

Full video here:

— CSPAN (@cspan) November 19, 2020

Since Biden’s taking his marching orders from Socialist AOC and the Squad, this next tweet should truly terrify anyone who believes Biden really will be the President of the United States in January:

“To get the virus under control, we need to pay people to stay home.”

— Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (@AOC) November 19, 2020

If we pay people to stay home, that means nobody is working and everyone starves to death. Where will this money come from if everyone is not paying taxes and dead?

This is how completely unhinged Democrats are. For the entire race, Joe Biden swore up and down  he wasn’t going to let the leftist faction of the Democrat party influence him, and that there would be no Socialism. He hasn’t won the White House by any stretch of the imagination, and he’s already flopping on the Socialism and taking directives from AOC and the Left.

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