Biden supporting Iran to pummel Israel (and U.S.)

Biden supporting Iran to pummel Israel (and U.S.)

By A. Dru KristenevJune 6, 2021

As Netanyahu gets backed into a corner by a collection of sworn enemies calling themselves a coalition, understand that the purpose has nothing to do with ensuring Israel’s posterity. It’s personal for the power mongering Bibi-haters who could care less about Israel’s ability to defend itself from being eviscerated by the villain states encircling it. If it were true they cared, then a supposed hard right candidate, Naftali Bennett, would not stoop to join forces with a party that has at its core the conviction to eradicate Israel and Jews that the nation was re-instated to protect from an anti-Semitic world.

Worse, Bennett is buddying up with a political party that has vowed to do everything possible to ensure his demise. What could entice a person to make a compact with people that hate you?

That’s a question for the ages that is applicable to so many political and economic alliances taking place in today’s world. Sure, we hear the old adage “the enemy of my enemy is my friend,” but is that concept really behind the strange alliances being witnessed.

Examples on the international scale: Biden and China, Biden and Iran, Biden and Russia, Israel and Arab states; domestically the questionable alliances include Jews and Democrats, Catholics and Democrats, Republicans and Democrats, Democrats and Marxists, corporate business and Marxists.

The answers can be relegated to two categories—fear of exposure (from illegal activities) and belief that the other party is being truthful about its intentions. There is also another rationale that negotiators use in tight situations—leveraging desires for political or financial gain.

When it comes to Biden Administration policies regarding Israel, all three reasons can be tapped. Let it be noted that the current White House occupant is more than willing to make alliances with enemies at the expense of American sovereignty. What those driving the foreign and domestic policy expect to reap from not only engaging enemies but overtly and covertly assisting them is partly a mystery. The financial rewards that have been accumulated by the Biden family and have been documented by the “hard drive from hell,” otherwise known as Hunter Biden’s laptop, is uncontested.

What isn’t so obvious is the confederacy of the eight parties covering right, left, and one led by a Muslim Brotherhood sympathizer (Yesh Atid, Blue & White, Yisrael Beitenu, Labor, Yamina, New Hope, Meretz and Ra’am) for any reason other than to oust Netanyahu, whom they all despise.

In this sentiment of detesting Benjamin Netanyahu, Biden and his handlers are in agreement. Whether that’s the only impetus behind their willingness to fund the arch enemies of our number one ally, the only democracy in the Middle East, is uncertain. What is certain is that Biden has already broken our laws more than once in the last few months.

In March, after Biden nixed the Keystone Pipeline that was the first round of destroying the domestic oil industry, he then imported 1.033 million barrels of crude oil from Iran in spite of sanctions banning the procurement. After which Biden then acted as a Russian agent by dropping any objection to Putin opening an oil pipeline to Europe. He has actively undermined American energy infrastructure in favor of foreign oil interests.

Going yet further, Senator Hagerty leveled a valid accusation that Biden acted illegally again by sending millions of dollars to Hamas under the guise of rebuilding Gaza, essentially funding the attack they initiated against Israel and providing Hamas money to purchase more arms from Iran.

In these unlawful acts the Biden administration has unmistakably collaborated with enemy states and terror organizations that have pledged to destroy America’s strongest ally and the United States itself.

Netanyahu has been the one stalwart leader working to protect his home nation from inside as well as external influence to crumble the independent state of Israel. That Bennett, who claims to be an Israeli nationalist standing against the two-state option to resolve conflict, is readily affiliating himself and his party with others who are giddy to see Israel wiped from the map, brings into question his true allegiance. As in American politics, the unfounded hate of an individual who will do everything possible to protect their people and nation is not sound political reasoning. It is suicidal madness.

The Biden administration proves itself duplicitous regarding Israel by promoting anti-Semitic ideologues to cabinet and bureaucratic positions without fanfare, even going so far as to infiltrate what should be a benign department like the U.S. Postal Service. Does the newly discovered division tasked with tracking individuals’ social media posts indicate a route to identify and victimize supporters of Israel and conservatives in general?

Weaponizing government services to marginalize pro-Israel, pro-America, pro-Faith individuals, instituting punitive measures in an attempt to crush their resolve and ability to provide for their families is becoming, more and more, the mission of the current White House.

The Middle East is in crisis. The United States is in crisis. Compromise isn’t the best option or an option at all. Mr. Biden and Mr. Bennett, it’s impossible to appease, which compromise has become, people vowing your destruction. Which excuse is driving your capitulation? Exposure, gain or naïveté?

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