Biden’s Bizarre Distortion of the Reality of Voting Rights 

Biden’s Bizarre Distortion of the Reality of Voting Rights

by Jonus Freeman – 7/14/21

Joe Biden went to Pennsylvania this past Tuesday and gave a speech at the National Constitution Center, near Independence Hall. However, he must have received most of his talking points from Al Sharpton, who recently visited the White House (apparently to ‘prep’ his boy for his trip to Philadelphia). Sure enough, Biden not only called attention to Sharpton in his speech, he declared that “The “The 21st century Jim Crow assault is real. It’s unrelenting. We’re gonna challenge it, vigorously.” He is a bit late; his Party should have challenged it before it had to be ended after the Civil Rights Movement and after such brutal violence and lynchings by his Party’s terrorist arm, the Ku Klux Klan. It is such a farce that the Democrats are using the terms today that they invented to limit Black citizens’ right to vote in the Solid South.

Yet, intelligent people who remember the source of the Jim Crow laws are probably just as astounded as intelligent Black people who endured such laws, unless they became Democrats through an easy, fast-tracked path to power via the Democrat Party. Today, the Democrat Party, as Biden indicated in his speech, is attempting to do on a national level what they had done on a regional level after the Civil War. After Reconstruction in the Deep South, and that is to manipulate and control the vote so thoroughly of a class and race of people that they could retain power in the South for decades. HR/S 1 are the equivalent of disenfranchising low population states to the benefit of the high-density populations centered in major metropolitan areas. It is the same objective, just a larger scale of control the Democrats are trying to get away with at this time.

Ironically, in the same way Jim Crow laws, and “Black Codes” limited and restricted the voting rights of Black citizens in the Solid South, the “For the People” legislation that Democrats are trying to ram through Congress right now, is aimed at restricting and essentially eliminating the voting rights of citizens of more rural states, which do not have large cities, or fewer large cities in their states. This would mean that Georgia is a very important state for them to control due to Atlanta. It would also explain why Biden has a tendency to single out Georgia for its recent election reforms.

Additionally, those paying attention witnessed Democrat legislators fleeing their responsibility as elected officials in Texas, refusing to vote in a special session that would have considered Republican-backed election reform bills to secure citizens’ voting rights. Approximately 60 Democrat members of the House of Representatives in the Texas legislature fled to Washington, D.C. on Monday. The purpose? It was to not vote to secure fair and honest elections for Texas’ citizens, but to press Congress and the Biden administration to pass the legislation which would enable a federal takeover of voting rights of those citizens in low population states. Gov. Abbott threatened to have them all arrested as they went back into the state.

It appears that the proposed federal takeover of national elections is not rolling out soon enough for the Democrats in Texas. If one considers it seriously, that is quite a twist of reality. Democrats, who are encouraging illegal immigrants to flee into Texas due to the difficult conditions in their own countries, (more likely for the sake of expanding voter rolls for Democrats) but these Democrat legislators are fleeing the “difficult conditions” of having to vote in an election that would allow citizens of Texas to have more secure elections and greater election integrity. Such lawmakers, entrusted by the public to be responsible for following the law, should be held accountable for their irresponsible and cowardly behavior. Are they not public servants of the citizens of Texas?

If the state does not arrest these people who call themselves lawmakers, the citizens should arrest them for impersonating officials who know the law. The citizens of Texas should demand to know whether their elected officials know the U.S. Constitution they swore an oath to protect, and if they are clueless, how would they be trusted to make state law? They should be arrested for impersonating legislators, and not allowed out until they could pass an examination on the Constitution. In fact, in Joe Biden’s speech, he touted the fact that he took an oath to protect the Constitution. While one can wonder whether he understands the U.S. Constitution based on his performance this far, it was a moment of rare clarity for Biden, and he needs to be held accountable to the laws in the Constitution that dictate the president’s actions.

The fallacy of the “For the People Act” is that it is for the people of one political party – the Democrats. They want to replicate the good old days of the Solid South when the former slave states were able to control the entire region of the nation by the Jim Crow laws that Biden claims he is fighting against. But, that is a lie. His Party’s number one priority in HR1/S1 is to establish a One Party nation. The fences and security in the D.C. federal properties may seem like ridiculous measures, but they may need to build a wall around Washington, D.C. if they manage to pass S1. If citizens finally awaken to realize what the oligarchs have been up to in this window of time. If common citizens, used to trusting the government no matter how bad it usually is, find out that their voice has totally been stolen through this insidious legislation disguised as “voter reforms,” it may trigger a revolution.

In fact, in Biden-like fashion, without seeming to know what he was being prompted to say in his speech, he made an important point. He stated that “We are facing the most significant test of our democracy since the Civil War.” That is absolutely true in two ways although it may not be understood in the way he intended it to come across. First of all, to the Democrats, the concept of democracy does not align with what the Founders had perceived democracy to be. The Founders were not creating a democracy; they were creating a Republic. They knew that a democracy in its basic state is mob rule — which is acceptable to Democrats as that is how all those lynchings of Black citizens occurred in the Deep South. That was performed by the terrorist apparatus of the Democrats – the KKK. So democracy, the kind that the Democrats understand, is being threatened by the public outcry for fair and honest elections.

Secondly, the most significant test to their rendition of democracy, which translates to win and maintain political power by any means necessary, is being threatened by the common citizens who are demanding fair and honest elections — all across the nation. What is happening in Texas, in Georgia, in Arizona, even in California, is an uprising of awakened Americans who are absolutely serious about restoring the Republic to the way it was intended to operate according to the original blueprints. American citizens are not stupid – naive and trusting, but not stupid. Once they figure out that the Party that managed to manipulate the vote and deny the vote to Blacks for over 100 years, are now working their scheme for ultimate political power over the entire country, such citizens will fight back. Black citizens of the South realized that they needed to stand up for their rights, or they would never recover them. Now all citizens who care about freedom need to stand up for their rights, or they may never recover them.

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