Biden’s First Foray Into Foreign Policy

Biden’s First Foray Into Foreign Policy

By Michael J. Lewinski – 02/07/21

You would think the pretender Biden would first address serious threats the United States of America faces – threats from China, such as their buildup of all of the branches of their armed forces or their threat to control the moon. How about their hacking of the 2020 election? What about their stealing of trade secrets and government data? Should we not be concerned about China selling the ingredients and machinery to Mexican cartels for the manufacture of Fentanyl.

Should we not be worried about the threat from Iran which is rushing to build nuclear warheads and the missile delivery systems to deliver them. How about stopping the cancellation of arms deals to Middle Eastern countries or stepping up to give more support to Israel?

What about the recent announcement that Russia has an operational fleet of hypersonic nuclear missiles? Can he not step up our advanced hypersonic missile program or speed up our missile defense program?

But no, Biden’s first priority was an order to all agencies that operate overseas to develop plans to advance LGBTQI rights in foreign countries.

I wonder if they are going to force countries like Uganda and Gambia to legalize gay marriage? According to the pretender Biden, there has been steady progress, even in nations once seen as hotbeds of homophobia such as Jamaica. Gay sex is now legal in nearly two-thirds of all nations, and 28 countries allow same-sex marriage.

Will Biden set a goal for 98% of the countries in the world to legalize gay sex, and 100 countries to legalize gay marriage. Will women in those countries meet men and boys in the bathrooms and locker rooms? Will men and boys see women and girls in their bathrooms and locker rooms? Will Biden next legalize pedophilia?

Wake up America! We’re going to hell in a handbasket.

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