Blue Stupidity

Blue Stupidity

By Michael J. Lewinski – 9/17/2020

In his essay, Wayne Allen Root observes and commends the brilliant things humans have and are accomplishing. But then, he says,

“First, I have to tell you about Democratic Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak. The “D” isn’t just for a Democrat. It stands for DUMB, as in clueless, ignorant, blind, deaf, and very dumb.”

He actually began the article with, “So. Much. Stupid.” He has perfectly identified the tenor of the times in the blue lands. It’s an upside-down idiotic world with no rhyme, no reason, no common sense, nor logic involved, whatsoever.

He says that if Biden and Harris are elected, they are going to bring the mess that is Las Vegas to all of America. He described the election of Governor Steve Sisolak as the winning of the reverse lottery for Nevada. The lottery you never want to win.

Instead of the lottery paying the winner, the winner pays the lottery in the form of higher taxes, fewer services and less safety. You can easily see that in California, Oregon, and Washington states. Unfortunately, it is not confined to the West Coast. This insanity can be found in New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Illinois, and the rest of the crazy blue states.

These are the places where some of the worst rioting occurred. It is in the stupid blue land where robberies, assaults, rapes, and murders are on the rise, as their politicians engage in a war on the police and other first responders at grave risk.

With the stupid lockdown, services are being cut back with the absence of cash due to layoffs and relatively little commerce generating taxes to fill the coffers. Those Democrats really know how to cut their constituents’ throats or stab them in the back.

For those lucky enough to live in the red lands, life is getting better as we move on to a more normal moment. We need to pray for the victims of the Democrats. We need to ask God to have mercy on them and for them to come to their senses, and apply some logic, reason and common sense in voting for their leaders.


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