Border Apocalypse

Border Apocalypse

By Jim Bratten – 9/27/2021

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is asked the question, as is White House press secretary Jen Psaki. Senators and representatives in Congress ask the question but, when there is no response, they think the Biden lackeys are just being evasive – dancing around with empty rhetoric to evade an answer – and they are.

The truth is Biden Regime people may have an estimate to answer the question “How many are there at the border?” but they’re not telling anyone with any accuracy. For example, Mayorkas admitted to 17,000 Haitians under the bridge in Del Rio, Texas but not the educated estimate of 30,000. He stated 1,401 were deported by air and 3,206 were “moved to CBP custody.” He also admitted to 12,400 released into the nation’s interior. Where are the rest? Look for them soon in a neighborhood near you, along with a thousand Afghans.

Biden Regime officials don’t know how many there really are, since a sizable number escape detection, but they don’t care. Democrat Media excuses any numbers, as the “Biden administration copes with the flow” of illegal aliens, as if it was unexpected. Generally, they simply don’t report on the manufactured crisis.

The number of aliens who have broken U.S. immigration law keeps lurching ever higher, now over 200,000 per month. In 2021, Biden will have allowed over two million illegal aliens to violate our borders, not counting Haitians and Afghans. That’s an invasion. From various nations, many outside of our hemisphere, illegal aliens have been distributed within our country, just as Afghans now are, under the cover of darkness and without any public knowledge.

This entire border apocalypse is intentional, planned around the Obama-Biden “open border concept,” as part of the grand demographic transformation of this nation. As nearly every Democrat candidate admitted during the presidential primary debates in 2020, if people are fleeing tyranny, gangs, or even spousal abuse, they have permanent sanctuary. Anyone from anywhere, for any reason, is welcome. And, as seen in numerous instances, vetted or unvetted, healthy or loaded with diseases now rare in the U.S., it makes no difference.

Don’t follow the law and apply for entrance legally, just find a way to “get in.” If you wish to sight-see coming in through Mexico, you can catch a train ride north; or pay a “coyote” (human smuggler) thousands of dollars to expedite the process. The Biden Regime doesn’t care how you get here. They have systems set up through Leftist organizations to handle the trip.

Haitian “refugees” have gotten special dispensation from the Biden Regime, which told everyone they fled an earthquake to take refuge in the U.S. But, the majority of the Haitians who ended up under a bridge in Texas did not flee Haiti due to the recent disaster. They have been living in Chile, Brazil, Uruguay, and other South American or Central American countries for years, just waiting for the right opportunity for an upgrade to the U.S. Many of the Haitians in Del Rio led fruitful lives in those countries; their IDs from Sao Paulo and Santiago were found by the dozens, discarded on the Mexican side of the bridge. All Haitian families get to stay, no matter which country they came from. Single males were deported in small numbers, just to say, “We deported them.” The objective, of course, is the multiplier: “Chain migration.”

When Joe Biden announced his intentions during his presidential campaign, that he would “surge the border,” the word was given. We are living with the results.

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