‘Build Back Beijing’

‘Build Back Beijing’

By Jim Bratten – 11/22/21

However one looks at this disastrous plan for the United States of America, Joe Biden’s “Build Back Better” bill (a plan to bankrupt our nation with a green-is-good, massive socialist spending spree for items unaffordable and unforgivable) will cripple our ability to prosper for decades, burdening generations of our children in debt.

Some of us call it the Build Back Bankrupt bill but, as Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN), Republican Study Committee (RSC) Chairman found, there’s a country that definitely benefits from this huge pork pie: Communist China – and certainly Joe’s benefactor for the Biden Family Influence-Peddling business, his friend Xi Jinping, the country’s dictator and chairman of the Chinese Communist Party.

Congressman Banks and his staff dug into the 2,600-page plan for American destruction and renamed the Marxist Democrats’ dream plan Build Back Beijing, since that is precisely what this economic scheme does. In a report from the RSC, Banks gave examples of what the Democrats’ giant tax and spending bill gives Communist China … a massive boost to their economy.

It is “stuffed with billions in corporate welfare for green energy companies that rely on China. This means that untold amounts of taxpayer dollars will flow directly to the Chinese market as the U.S. government strong-arms Americans into buying more expensive, less reliable ‘green’ products.” In addition, “these AOC-friendly changes will dramatically increase our reliance on rare-earth minerals that overwhelmingly come from China – 80 percent” of what the world uses.

Banks continued, “Not only will this delusional plan drafted by climate alarmists increase everyday energy prices and cost the U.S. economy billions of dollars and countless American jobs … it will give an economic and strategic edge to our greatest foreign adversary, China.”

Biden began Day One of his alleged presidency shutting down construction of the Keystone XL pipeline at a cost of tens of thousands of American jobs. He has strangled our energy independence, banning drilling on federal lands, canceling oil and gas leases, and plans huge tax increases on natural gas which will further drive up heating costs for millions of Americans.

As Democrats in Congress assist Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer to end domestic oil and gas production, their quest to force Americans into expensive “green” energy to fight the specter of climate change actually encourages Communist China to build more coal-fired power plants. These are the same people who virtually killed American coal. Communist China will spend far less to power their economy and we will pay more. We, in a Democrat future, should always pay more.

Rep. Banks found that Democrats plan to fund Communist China’s “solar panel monopoly” in this bill. He discovered we rely “almost entirely on Chinese manufacturers for low-cost solar modules … and many of the key components … including more than 80 percent of the world’s polysilicon, a raw material most panels use to absorb energy from sunlight. Nearly half of the global supply comes from Xinjiang …”  using millions of Muslim Uyghurs “held in forced labor camps in Xinjiang.”

In this bill, from electric vehicles, ebikes, and lithium cell batteries (73 percent of the world’s supply) to solar panels, Democrats seek to make us more dependent upon Red China, not decouple us from an increasingly hostile, hegemonic enemy.

Banks is correct; this is the Build Back Beijing bill. It must fail in the Senate.

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