By Pillorying Trump, Democrats Ended Up Creating The Ultimate Underdog

By Pillorying Trump, Democrats Ended Up Creating The Ultimate Underdog

By Judi McLeodOctober 14, 2020

Even in the midst of Government Mandatory Lock Down, with some people fearful they will contract Covid-19 from their own relatives, others are beginning to hear the still haunting strains of Bill Conti’s masterful ‘’Gonna’ Fly Now’ ‘Rocky’ theme.

Lost on self-centered arrogant Democrats: Just about everyone loves an Underdog—particularly Underdogs repeatedly targeted by a Democrat-media gang-up.

Deranged Democrats with the help of Hollywood and their running dog media have thrown everything except the proverbial kitchen sink at President Donald John Trump over the past four years.

Every vile smear from the early-day Stormy Daniels “story,” through RussiaGate and Impeachment, all the way to the most recent attempt to frame the President of the United States as the world’s top Covid-19 infector has ricocheted back to home base, home base being the DEMOCRAT PARTY.

Giddy with the prospect of getting back into power, confident that Michelle Obama’s Mail-in Vote will give them enough votes for a Biden-Harris win; self-assured that now they got away with it once, they can lock down the whole country anytime they want, Democrats of our day have convinced themselves that NO ONE can stop them.
With no social distancing restrictions that apply to them, they’re already planning Election Night Whoopee! Parties and fireworks.  It’s only a matter of time they think before they can lay a laurel wreath on the befuddled head of Joe Biden, knowing it won’t be long before they can knock it off and crown Sen. Kamala Harris as their long-awaited First woman U.S. president.

To the victor go the spoils, in this case, soils.  Democrats don’t have to worry about patriot insurrection, their BLM/Anita street mobs will take care of that.

The yahooing and partying will continue as long as it takes to count the vote.

On Election Night, the media—including Fox News, home of Chris Wallace—will spread the Fake News that Donald Trump is a goner.

Squeals of joy will erupt over the fruited plains on Election Night., from which Hillary Clinton can be heard barking like a dog.

But it I will take more than a Socialist Village to bury the landslide vote for President Trump.

The Democrat-media gang-up are truthfully and tragically unaware that their entire 2020 election strategy has already started to backfire on them: their hate spewing, name calling and attempted character-assassination of a duly elected President has, in the end,  made him The Underdog.

It’s part of human nature that the masses love underdogs.

Not only are the hundreds of thousands who line up to see their president, hundreds of boat and car parades a testament to that, but now Hillary’s “deplorables” are spontaneously chanting to Trump, “We love you!”

President Donald Trump could be the most beloved underdog in all history.

And the epic story doesn’t end there:

What will the seriously disgruntled do when realization hits home that Barack, Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff and Company were on a track whose strategies proved useless; that it was mostly just the Democrats, Hollywood and media who hated Trump while We the People went on loving him?

Just for starters:

Welcome to a new 2020 Hollywood,  where not just Covid-19 keeps fans in darkened theatres from watching Hollywood heroes and heart throbs in mostly empty rows of seats.

Hollywood’s going bankrupt and is selling out to Communist China.

People are not willing to pay for Politics masquerading as Sports anymore as in football, basketball and baseball.

The whole world’s going bankrupt and will continue to do so as long as Lock Downs keep people from getting back to family-supporting jobs.

The Hollywood, Democrat-media gang-up may remain impervious to their own self-destruction, but the watching world is not.

Even though the masses may have to wait days, weeks or even months for news that Donald Trump won on Election Night, millions will get to say, ‘Welcome back to the Oval Office, PRESIDENT Donald Trump and call 2020 “The Year of the Underdog.”

This is the Real News we’ll all be waiting for— no matter how long it takes; because at the end of the day we know that “Patience gains all things!”

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