By Their Political Fruits, We Shall Know Them

By Their Political Fruits, We Shall Know Them

By Pastor Earl Wallace

Though America’s institutions were founded upon how the Bible applies to civics, as explained in the Declaration of Independence and Samuel Adams’ “American Independence” speech,  today’s Democratic and Republican parties are run by people who fail to appreciate and actively seek to undermine the Biblical values upon which America’s founders constructed our beloved USA.

The Declaration of Independence is a Christian Doctrinal Statement

America’s founders said, “Our system of government was designed only for a religious people,” which was their term for what Jesus defined as a “born again” Christian people who believe He is the son of God, died a substitutionary death for our sins, was bodily resurrected, and is seated at the right hand of God.

Such disciples of Christ live under the moral conviction of the Holy Spirit. They express the inalienable rights referenced in the Declaration of Independence, which should be understood as a Christian doctrinal statement of how the Bible applies to public life. These inalienable rights that the Declaration of Independence says we are endowed with by our Creator specifically are the following:

  • We have a 1-4 Commandments right to worship God publicly the way He says He wants to be worshipped. This means we have a right to see His name honored in our presence and in our public activities. We have a right to acknowledge Him as the one and only Supreme God of the universe. We have a right to not be compelled to participate in worshipping idols, and we have a right to peaceably assemble for Bible studies, prayer meetings and church services, activities which anti-American legislatures are attacking throughout our beloved USA.
  • We have a 5th Commandment right to have government honor God’s plan for the family.
  • We have a 6th Commandment right to not be murdered, which includes our most vulnerable citizens in the womb of their mothers.
  • We also have a 7th Commandment right to have our school-age heterosexual children self-identify as the males and females that God made them, rather than have them encouraged to be heterosexually or homosexually promiscuous!
  • We also have an 8th Commandment right to not be stolen from, including by crooked politicians who dream up expenditures that are awarded by contracts to their closest associates, enriching themselves at public expense!
  • We have a 9th Commandment right to not be lied to or lied about, which includes being exposed to a continuous stream of fake news presented by national media outlets.
  • We have a 10th Commandment right to not have evil people craft legislation that covets (meaning yearns to possess) our 4-P’s, including our a) person, b) people, c) position and d) possessions, each of which are the blessings God bestows upon us!

Jesus said, “By their fruits, you shall know them.” Fruits are outcomes. When people in government from the school boards, town supervisors, mayors, city councils, county legislatures, state legislatures, governors, congress members and senators promote policies that violate the Ten Commandments, they are violating our inalienable rights the Declaration of Independence says the government should secure and guarantee for we the American people. It should be readily apparent the people running our civic systems today do not have a Ten Commandments value system because they feel comfortable lying and misrepresenting what America is, does and was designed for.

Under the American Constitution, which branch of government makes our laws?

  • The Supreme Court
  • Congress
  • The President

If you answered “B” you are correct! Once Congress makes a law, it goes to the President to affirm and sign it. If the President vetoes it, two-thirds of Congress can pass the law by voting to override the Presidential veto.

Once the law is passed or ratified, if citizens do not like it, they can challenge its Constitutionality by bringing the case to court. If the citizens do not believe the court ruling(s) at their local levels are Constitutional, they bring the case before the U.S. Supreme Court.

Under the U.S. Constitution, the Supreme Court rules that the issue of law before it either is “Constitutional or un-Constitutional. If the ruling is that the law is not Constitutional, then it remands the case back to Congress who reworks and re-passes the law or makes another law that may then go through the same process to determine its Constitutionality. Essential to note is that in the American system of government and jurisprudence, the Supreme Court does not make laws but only decides whether a law that the Congress makes and one that the President signs, is or is not Constitutional. This contrary to the concept of “case law,” which gives the impression that the Supreme Court makes law based upon the cases it hears, which is a violation of our U.S. Constitution, despite what is taught in today’s law schools.

When members of Congress, who are supposed to be America’s lawmakers, and members of the Supreme Court say the U.S. Supreme Court makes law, and when they allow that illusion to stand, giving the impression that the Court can make law, they are participating in a conspiracy to undermine the U.S. Constitution. When that occurs, it is the fruit by which we should know them!

It should be readily apparent to Bible-reading people that those running our civic systems today do not have a Ten Commandments value system because they feel comfortable lying about and misrepresenting how America was designed to operate.

People in the U.S. Congress and all other levels of government, the media and education are participating in this conspiracy to ignore, and undermine the processes and division of responsibilities laid out in the U.S. Constitution. Today, all levels of America’s political offices, both partisan and nonpartisan, are populated by people who give the impression they are “Christian,” but actually belong to religions that don’t believe the Bible is the inerrant word of God. This belief in the Bible was of utmost importance to America’s founders

Not all laws are biblically moral

America is not merely another nation of laws. Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, Mexico, and all the South American nations who are helping their citizens to bum rush our country’s southern borders all are nations of laws. America is different, however, because our laws were founded on God’s Biblical laws, which are the only right laws!

America needs a great awakening Reformation

Restoring our nation requires a 4-step process that starts with evangelism and unshackling the church and Christ’s disciples from the concept of “separation of church and state” which has been manipulated to communicate that the Bible has no relevance in civic matters. Instead, we must re-teach how God used “The Historical Body of Christ,” to bring His plan into the world and that governments should treat “we the people” according to His Ten Commandments.

Today’s body of Christ needs to understand what God accomplished through His historical body of Christ, so we don’t neglect what God has worked on our behalf. We must begin to reclaim our nation to once again live for Christ! The fruit of this will include our civics once again reflecting the way the Bible says God wants us to live!

Earl Wallace is pastor of Liberty Christian Fellowship, a church designed to teach line-by-line through Scriptures to show their application to every aspect of life, including civics.



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