California Recall Desperation: AOC In ‘Abolish ICE’ Hat And Obama Saying Republicans Will Kill Children

by DefCon News – 9/8/21

Illegitimate vp Kamala Harris was in California on Wednesday, not fixing the border crisis, vaccine hesitancy, voting rights, or any of the many things Joe Biden has put her in charge of. She was campaigning to save Newsom but it wasn’t much of a rally seeing as it was in the super-liberal Bay Area and hardly anyone showed up. Also, and this is hilarious, there were Afghan protesters heckling her.

Clearly Kamaltoe ain’t going to get the job done, so Newsom brought out the big guns. Here’s AOC giving the least amount of effort possible:


AOC is wearing an “Abolish ICE” hat to campaign in favor of a democrat in California. What she, and Newsom, don’t seem to realize is that crime and illegal immigration are problems California voters are concerned about. This “defund the police” nonsense is one of the reasons why Newsom is facing recall in the first place.

What’s weird about this video is that it’s not even a complete message. AOC starts to explain why she thinks Newsom should keep his job by saying, “because the options are” and then video cuts off. There has to be a pretty good reason why this was not a full statement: either AOC said something stupid and Newsom edited it or AOC is stupid and cut the video while she was still talking.

Dimwit AOC is unlikely to sway any California voters, so Newsom whipped out the democratic party’s big black dick:


Obama says that Californians have “a big choice to make” but adds there is no choice at all:

“Republicans are trying to recall him from office and overturn commonsense COVID safety measures for health care workers and school staff. Your vote could be the difference between protecting our kids or putting them at risk,” said Obama.

That’s essentially: Vote for Newsom because Republicans will kill your children.

It’s nice to see that Obama hasn’t lost his ability to fear monger and bullshit.

These endorsements are bad but there’s still one more that could top them. Allegedly Joe Biden is planning a trip to California to campaign for Newsom, which would be the California governor whipping out the democratic party’s limp shriveled white dick.

Though it hasn’t happened yet, and may not happen at all, I already know how it’s going to go:

Standing in front of a crowd 25, mostly press members, Biden will forget Newsom’s name and confuse California with Pennsylvania. He will then tell a tearful story about how his dead son Beau was once the governor of California and died in office fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. At that point, Joe will have a brain-freeze and take a micro nap. Awaking form his slumber, Biden will talk about something completely unrelated and give outlandish stats, claiming that 12 billion Californians oppose the 2nd Amendment.

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