Casting Progressive Elites from Their Temples

Casting Progressive Elites from Their Temples

By Michael J. Lewinski 03/09/20

How do Conservative Christians engage those with whom they disagree? Not like Progressives who boycott those with whom they disagree. We do as Jesus did, he engaged with them. He met with tax-gatherers and sinners. We are compelled, as Christians and Conservatives to engage with others with whom we disagree.

How do we engage with Progressives? We do it by exposing their evil way and plans. There’s no shortage of their plans and the tactics they use to spread them.

Their Green New Deal is one example of their plans. It’s a plan to take over American lives. Telling you what you’re required to do in your lives. Jesus would ask the Progressives the [Pharisees], why do you not tell the common man, in plain language, what you are going to force people to do? Why don’t you tell them you are going to force radical changes in your shelter, transportation, food consumption, and social and cultural practices? Why don’t you tell every single citizen they will pay more in taxes to fund their dreams? I say it’s because they are liars and charlatans!

You can also see it in their impatient desire to take away our guns. Like every good Communist, they know Americans will resist their grand plans. They want to take away the means with which we can defend ourselves. They are not stupid; just crazy!

As Americans, for the most part, we are a live and let live society. As a people, we look out for each other, care for others and bring a good attitude to the table. What we don’t like, however, is being made to do things that go against our grain. That’s just plain unamerican.

Jesus would cast this Progressive political elite from their temples, just as he did the Pharisees 2000 years ago from their Jewish temples. You must do as Jesus would do. Throw them out of office with your vote. Jesus does not have a vote, but you do. Exercise it in favor of Conservatives, Libertarians and Moderates in the two main political parties.

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