Censoring Pastors in California

Censoring Pastors in California

By Michael J. Lewinski  07/04/19

California – the land of nuts and fruits – wants to dictate what pastors can and can’t say from the pulpit. They want to define the politically correct messages pastors and other Christians can make. The state legislature wants to have a say-so in what can be said and not be said in sermons about gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender individuals.

Assembly Concurrent Resolution 99, states that pastors, religious workers, institutions, educators, counselors and those who have “great moral influence” should not tell LGBTQ individuals that something is wrong with their identity or behavior. These pastors are forbidden to tell their congregations that God instituted marriage as a union between one man and one woman.

Clearly, parents have great moral influence over their children. Does this mean parents cannot warn their children about the hazards of underage gay sex and its ramifications? What about counselors? Counselors can’t tell an individual that certain sexual habits or behaviors are unsafe.

It’s not surprising that this Progressive policy comes from the land of fruits and nuts. They are intent on eradicating the right to free speech. The only speech they want is their politically correct speech. Nothing else.

The California legislature claimed they had to do this because LGBTQ youth supposedly have a higher suicide rate. Although suicide rates are not identified as LGBTQ.

Progressives are all about power and control. You can see this in their advocating for free college and for paying off student loans. They will own you and expect you to do what they demand of you.

Progressive Socialist Democrats are for open borders to broaden their base. In the first Democrat debate, former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Julian Castro said, “In my first 100 days with immigration reform (I) would put undocumented immigrants, as long as they haven’t committed a serious crime, on a pathway to citizenship.”

You don’t have to play by the rules of these corrupt Progressive politicians and their media lapdogs. You can ignore and reject their propaganda. You can elect Conservative and moderate candidates and pray that God will grant them wisdom.

Michael Lewinski holds a masters degree in special education. He taught special education classes at the junior and senior high school levels in Ohio and Indiana until his retirement in 2010.

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