Chaos to create crisis and reap control

Chaos to create crisis and reap control

By A. Dru Kristenev —-March 1, 2021

Chaos from the China virus; chaos through censorship; chaos from endless war in the Middle East; chaos from riots in the cities; chaos from election reform (entrenched fraud); chaos from Common Core; chaos from constricting religion; chaos from wide open borders.

Each engineered crisis is being exploited by the left that currently enjoys a slim majority in Congress and is occupying the White House.

In order to take advantage of a crisis, one – and in this case, many – had to be created and the best way to do so is initiate and develop bedlam on multiple levels. Using a virus as a weapon to crush a revitalized economy was the first wave of assault. Instituting a consistent and never-ending culture of crisis is the second wave which is to be accomplished by parallel efforts: unabated civil upheaval, unstable, vindictive executive action, fomented battles on foreign soil…

The Biden administration serves one purpose – to up-end the stability of the national economy and international relations President Trump achieved, forging disorder that requires razor-wire fencing to guard the provacateur-in-chief and his crony Congress. (Though it could be construed that Pelosi, Schumer and the White House gang may have really constructed their own prison.) And, at this juncture, it appears the Supreme Court can be added to the cabal.

Thursday, February 25, 2021, while no one was looking – at least, not the corporatist media – further measures were taken in relative obscurity. One, the passage of the misnamed “Equality Act” meant to completely shackle religious freedom by creating a super-minority of transgenders and; Two, the bombing of Syrian outposts, which, at first blush, has left the public (those who knew about it) scratching their heads.

Could there be another reason regarding the re-opening of Middle East aggression? Taking a brief look at the Iran-backed militia in Syria that was targeted by the Biden White House, it’s worth noting Iranian deep pockets support of Hezbollah and other terror organizations’ unceasing attacks on Israel. Aside from the profiteering behind industrial warmongering, the unchanging anti-Semitism of the elitist political class may be raising its ugly head by re-igniting hostilities in the Levant after years of theorizing that moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem would spark war, even if they had to start one themselves.

There is no stopping the self-proclaimed hierarchy of cross-politicos (globalist republican-democrats) to debase themselves in order to dismantle the Middle East peace or the economic growth Trump instituted. Benefiting the public – you know, the people who pay representatives and senators their outrageous salaries – has never been on the to-do list of those corporate, lobby-fed denizens of the Capitol. It’s evident in every piece of legislation now on the block, including “[Not] For the People Act,” “[In]Equality Act,” “U.S. [Non]Citizenship Act of 2021,” or the “Sabika Sheikh Firearm [Restriction] Licensing and Registration Act,” is focused on limiting citizens’ rights by attempting and expecting to override the Constitution.

Don’t doubt that there’s more where those beauts came from, ready to be introduced and, if Pelosi and the anti-American crew get their way, shoved through the legislative process. The democrats used the same strategy in 2009 to remake healthcare into a hopelessly expensive entitlement program that left Americans with literally no choice for inferior care.

There’s only one way to get these oppressive unconstitutional mislabeled laws into effect and that’s the generation of chaos as listed in the first paragraph. It’s the Marxist tactic of pounding the public with fear, allowing and, in many instances, encouraging and underwriting violence, feeding the economic collapse that began with excessive lockdowns. Halting the construction of the border wall and rallying the cartels to invade the United States with illegal entrants and deadly drugs like fentanyl increases the havoc.

In the midst of ongoing chaos, Congress adds appeasement, throwing a bone of roughly $18 billion for American Covid relief, so they say, buried in the 1.9 trillion giveaway to chums, foreign and domestic. Another socialist distraction scheme.

This is the Biden legacy that’s barely a month old – chaos breeding chaos expecting to intimidate a nation into submission by dangling fear of punishment for breaking their “laws” which, frankly, aren’t… yet. Browbeating people to reject their faith and relinquish their inherent freedom of speech, enterprise, health and travel for fear of retribution, the perpetrators doing so from behind the shelter of a barbed barrier, challenges the very foundation of this nation. Moreso, it assumes the American majority will capitulate and accept tyranny from squatters in the White House.
Not likely.

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