Character Assassination

Character Assassination

By Michael Lewinski

Progressive Democrats are committing charter assassination of conservatives Republicans on an unprecedented scale, including President Trump, Judge Bret Kavanaugh, Mike Braun, and many others. Now, an anonymous letter charges the Judge with having committed a sex crime when he was in high school 35 years ago, in a last minute effort to derail Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination.

In addition, Senator Joe Donnelly and others are smearing Braun with lies and deception. “Braun boasts that he pays ‘almost double the minimum wage’ which hardly exceeds the poverty level for a family of four, while Braun has amassed over $60 million on the blood, sweat and tears of his workers,” according to this letter to the editor. He continues, “… and although risk taking and entrepreneurship are to be rewarded, one wonders how many tens of millions does Braun need from the backs of his near poverty-level workers? Plus Braun’s workers have earned him far more than the multiple millions he has needed to pay for his campaign….” This letter fits in with Donnelly’s efforts to make Braun look like a heartless businessman.

These Progressives have no policy options that the American people support and value. Therefore, they pursue their negative, smear campaigns. The only thing these people have to offer is the warmed- over failed policies of the Obama administration, which the electorate rejected in 2016. They are pinning their 2018 hopes on muddy water.

This is why decent citizens need to turn out in November to support those candidates who offer sensible policy options rather than slinging mud.

Hoosiers have many options. They can support Mike Braun, Mark Layva, Greg Pence, as well as Congressional representatives Jim Banks and Trey Hollingsworth, and State representative Jim Baird.

The November elections are the most important to our future prosperity and security. Those Republican candidates will fully back President Bret Kavanaugh, Nominee for Supreme Court Judge Trump’s agenda. The Democrats instead will roll back the gains we have all experienced. Do you want to drain the swamp…or fill it? The purpose of Citizen Sentinels Network is to educate and serve the American people. We serve, by keeping the vigil — the cost of freedom.

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