Chinese Progressive Association of Boston sponsored Communist China flag-raising ceremony in Boston

Chinese Progressive Association of Boston sponsored Communist China flag-raising ceremony in Boston

by Dennis Jamison, 10/1/2019

On October 1, in China, the day considered the “National Day,” as it is the anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China (PRC), there was a mass military parade. The long parade, reportedly lasted over an hour, and it showcased China’s developments in its national military and armed forces in the last 70 years. Apparently, around 100,000 people in addition to 70 sets of flower-covered floats were in the parade to mark the 70th anniversary of the founding of the nation under the control of the Communist Party. This event was coordinated with serious and well-orchestrated state run media propaganda over the Chinese anniversary.

Additionally, the anniversary event bled into American soil. A brief report and video from our allies at Camp Constitution, Director Hal Shurtleff, provides an eye-witness account of the raising of the Chinese Communist flag over the city hall in Boston. Is this symbolic of the loyalty of the city leadership of Boston? Here is the brief explanation submitted by Hal Shurtleff:

Today, the Chinese Progressive Association of Boston sponsored a Communist China flag-raising ceremony on Boston’s City Hall Plaza to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the communist takeover of China. On hand to help celebrate an event that led to genocide, and the continual persecution of millions of people was City Councilor Ed Flynn.

Along with the supporters of Communist China were an equal number of people who did not share Ed Flynn’s support of this murderous regime. Falon Gong practitioners, whose members have been viciously persecuted by the brutal communist regime, organized a peaceful but loud protest. Also on hand were students from Hong Kong-some of them wearing masks to hide their identity fearing reprisals by the communists, Camp Constitution, and Super Happy Fun America members which, like Camp Constitution, was denied a permit to fly their [Christian] flag.

Boston was once known as the Cradle of Liberty but has become a Cradle of Tyranny. Thankfully, there was plenty of outrage over this event. Readers are urged to share this video with members of the corporate media which failed to cover this event, and contact Mr. Flynn letting him know that elected officials who take an oath to defend the Constitution should not be supporting a murderous regime.

Unfortunately, for many Americans under the age of 50, the Communist takeover of Nationalist China is something that may not compute clearly. Some Korean War veterans, who are still alive, may remember the time, as it occurred less than a year prior to the outbreak of the Korean War, also known by its politically sanitized name of the “Korean Conflict.” Yet, the takeover of the mainland of China occurred in 1949, just four years after World War II was brought to an end in Asia. Mao  Zedong, or Chairman Mao, was the founding father of the People’s Republic of China. While in the process of consolidating his personal dictatorship over the war-torn country, he executed those people who “confessed” they had not supported his “people’s revolution.”

On October 1, 1949, Mao proclaimed his dictatorship over the PRC, and during the following years, he solidified his control through a series of land reforms. Also, he launched campaigns against Chinese landowners, against people identified as “counter-revolutionaries,” and other assorted “enemies of the state.” In 1957, as the Soviets were launching their Sputnik, Mao was launching his “Great Leap Forward” as his brainstorm to rapidly transform China’s economy from agrarian to industrial. It led to the deadliest famine in Chinese history. It has been estimated that possibly 30 million to as many as 45 million people died as a result of Mao’s Communist-led disaster between 1958 and 1962. Do they mention that part of the grand Communist control over China in their modern propaganda? No. But, when they finish re-writing their history, it will not matter.

Mao also launched his “Cultural Revolution” in 1966, a campaign aimed at removing the people identified as “counter-revolutionary” elements in Chinese society. During the ten years of this purge, violent class struggle and social chaos ensued. The Cultural Revolution in China in some ways could be compared to the Reign of Terror in the time of the French Revolution. Numerous power struggles within the Communist party developed. The political chaos weakened the local government structures, and all hell broke loose: fighting on the streets, political assassinations, and open warfare between opposing factions erupted. Minority cultures and ethnicities suffered heavily in this time. In Mongolia, it has been reported that nearly 800,000 people were attacked or persecuted – nearly 23,000 were beaten to death. In Tibet, over 6,000 Buddhist monasteries were destroyed. Many monks and nuns were killed. In 1950, it had been estimated that there were as many as 600,000 monks and nuns in Tibet, but by the end of Mao’s Cultural Revolution, most of them were dead, or imprisoned, or had simply disappeared. Yet, China’s persecution of Christians and religious minority populations continues to the present day.

The recent protests in Hong Kong are reminiscent of the Tiananmen Square protests in Beijing during 1989, which were sometimes referred to as the ‘89 Democracy Movement. They ended abruptly in what is more commonly known in China as the “June 4th Incident” in which the government government declared martial law and sent the military to occupy Tiananmen Square. What became known as the Tiananmen Square Massacre followed as tanks broke through makeshift barriers and Chinese troops with assault weapons opened fire upon the demonstrators. Numbers of the death toll are difficult to determine as the number will not be truly confirmed by the Chinese government, but vary from estimates, but it is possible that between two and five thousand people were killed on June 4, 1989 and several thousands were wounded.

The student protesters then, as well as those in Hong Kong in this day, were calling for an end to the corruption in the government, constitutional due process, democratic reforms, and freedom of the press, as well as freedom of speech. But, that is quite remote in this time, as similar efforts of  surveillance by the authorities such as traffic cameras that were used to perform surveillance on the square and in the nearby areas where students used to gather, as well as the wiretapping, still occur in China to assist in the identification, capture and punishment of “unregistered” Christians and other people of faith inside China. After the Tiananmen Square Massacre, many government interrogations in work units, institutions and schools helped to identify who had been involved in the protests. The Communists still use similar tactics against people of faith for their continuing religious persecution inside China’s borders.

A major organization in the United States that is bringing an awareness to the increasing intensity of the persecution of Christians is Save the Persecuted Christians led by Dede Laugesen. This organization has a regular online newsletter:  This group is striving to keep the people in this nation informed of all the persecution of Christians happening all over the world. Their work has contributed to some degree the efforts that President Trump has been making for the worldwide religious freedom initiative that CSN reported on recently.

While China is a prime abuser, and very little has been done by American politicians with regard to religious freedom of those in other countries, there is hope that President Trump is breaking new ground as he announced in September that the U.S. would pledge $25 million in aid to protect religious freedom, sites, and relics. Of course, it is totally ironic that American involvement  in China made news again this past week with the discovery that Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, made off with millions as a side benefit of his father’s “diplomatic” mission to China.

it is also totally ironic that in 1989 Chinese young people gave their lives in a fight for freedom, yet here in America, young people are touting the virtues of socialism or Communism. Additionally, it is totally ironic that in the United States, a Christian flag cannot be flown over Boston’s City Hall Plaza, yet a flag representing a Communist nation is honored. That flag represents the bloody Communist takeover of a nation, as well as the murder of millions throughout its history under Communism. What does that say about people who call themselves public representatives of   the American people? Why does anyone wonder why the Democrats have fully come out of the closet, and are now self-identifying as Democrat-Socialists? There is solidarity with the absolute destruction of the American founding values.

Video of the flag raising ceremony…

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